This Spring, WIC will host three workshops. Read more about and register for each event here!


Dr. Ciara Kidder (Ecampus Instructor, College of Liberal Arts, School of Psychological Science) will be leading our first workshop of the term. Register for the event here. Learn more below:

Talk title: “Using Perusall to engage students with readings”

Date, time, place: Friday, April 12th, at Noon via Zoom

Description: In this lunch conversation, Dr. Ciara Kidder (Psychology) will talk about how she uses the social annotating software Perusall to engage students with readings.  Through Perusall, students annotate readings collectively, with each student commenting on the reading itself and responding to other students’ responses. Dr. Kidder will discuss how she uses Perusall to have students practice summarizing information, making connections to other materials, and explaining themselves and their thinking.


Angelique Pearson of Oregon State’s Ecampus will provide a technical support session for instructors interested in Perusall. Attendance of the previous Perusall workshop is NOT required for this workshop. 

Register for the event here. Learn more below: 

Event title: Persuall Workshop, Part II: Technical Support

Date, time, place: Wednesday, April 17th from 3:00-4:30 via Zoom

Description: Ecampus Course Development and Training Specialist Angelique Pearson will be available to provide technical support for instructors wanting to use Perusall in their classes. Whether you already use Perusall or are looking to implement it in your classroom, this workshop will provide the guidance you’re looking for. 


Georgia Wright and Casey Dawson (WIC Program Graduate Intern and Assistant, School of Writing, Literature, and Film) will be hosting a workshop on how to reduce anxiety around writing in the classroom. 

Register for the workshop here. Learn more below:

Date, time, place: Wednesday May 22nd, from 3:00 – 4:00 PM via Zoom

Description: Research shows that low-stakes writing exercises in the classroom provide many benefits to students, including better course knowledge retention. But negative experiences with academic writing, perfectionist tendencies, or low confidence can make many students feel anxious about writing in any context. In this co-led workshop, Georgia Wright and Casey Dawson will discuss student writing anxieties and share strategies for making your classroom an inviting, judgment-free space for writing. Attendees will gain practical tools to improve their students’ relationship to writing in the classroom and beyond, and to increase student participation in writing activities.

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