by Casey Dawson, WIC Graduate Assistant

TOP ROW: Dennis Bennettt (WIC Assistant Director), Casey Dawson (WIC Graduate Assistant), Sarah Perrault (WIC Director), Mike Blundgren, Jay Penry

SECOND ROW: Teresa Ashford, Ciara Kidder, Jenny Hutchings, Randall Palmer, Ingrid Arocho

THIRD ROW: Jenny Jackson, Lauren Seiffert , Mike Pavol, Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez (Ecampus Senior Instructional Design Specialist), Staci Bronson

FOURTH ROW: Stacy Rosenberg, Sam Logan, Sabine Huemer, Kristen Yax, Caiden Marcus-Brist 

BOTTOM ROW: Farid Bouya, Kenton Hokanson

This term, the WIC team hosted the latest round of our Faculty Seminar, a 5-week course for WIC faculty across OSU’s campuses to develop practical skills for teaching writing in their disciplines. Our weekly sessions included lessons on understanding the goals of a writing intensive course, how to evaluate student writing, designing summative writing assignments, and more.

The WIC team congratulates the Winter 2024 Seminar cohort on their completion of the course!

Along with Sarah Tinker Perrault, this year’s WIC team moderators and assistants included WIC Graduate Assistant Casey Dawson, WIC Graduate Intern Georgia Wright, WIC Assistant Director Dennis Bennett, and Ecampus’ Senior Instructional Design Specialist Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez. Nadia worked with our Seminar cohort on how to integrate writing exercises and assignments (including peer review and group discussions) effectively in the online teaching environment.

Across Canvas discussion boards and Zoom breakout groups, our participants engaged each other in conversations on the challenges of teaching writing today while sharing their own strategies for teaching, assigning, and assessing writing in their respective disciplines.

Congrats again to this term’s WIC Faculty Seminar graduates:

  • Farid Bouya (Math)
  • Sabine Huemer (Psychology)
  • Sam Logan (Kinesiology)
  • Randall Palmer (business)
  • Kristen Yax (Psychology)
  • Stacy Rosenberg (Forest Ecosystems and Society)
  • Michael Pavol (Kinesiology)
  • Ingrid Arocho (Civil Construction and Engineering)
  • Ciara Kidder (Psychology) 
  • Kenton Hokanson (Microbiology) 
  • Jenny Hutchings (Atmospheric sciences)
  • Staci Bronson (Integrative bio)
  • Chris Bulgren (Music education)
  • Caiden Marcus-Brist (Business)
  • Lauren Seiffert (Arts, Media, and Technology)
  • Jay Penry (Kinesiology)
  • Jenny Jackson (Nutrition)
  • Teresa Ashford (Human Development and Family Science)


Faculty are nominated to attend Seminar by their unit heads and receive a $500 honorarium for their participation. For the first time, WIC will be hosting Faculty Seminar during all 3 terms of the academic year, including 2 sections (one in-person at the Corvallis campus, and one virtual) this spring! 

Interested in attending spring’s Seminar but haven’t been nominated by your unit head? Direct them to the Faculty Seminar page and ask them to email your name to WIC Director Sarah Perrault ( 

Click this link to learn more about WIC Faculty Seminar.

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