Digitalia Hispanica is a globally recognized e-book platform that specializes in providing high quality Spanish Language content primarily from Spain and Latin American countries. Available publications range from the early 20th century works of Ruedo Iberico, Hora de España, and Generación Consciente to recent releases from publishers such as Silex, Trotta or Bibloteca Nueva.  Over 4000 e-book titles are available in a wide variety of subject areas such as Literature, Social Sciences, Geography, History, Medicine, and many more. In addition, Digitalia Hispanica offers well-known e-journal content from publications such as Anthropos, (Cultural Studies) Quimera, (Literature), Archivos de la Filmoteca (Cinema studies) and El Viejo Topo (Political Science). The site’s powerful search capabilities and fast-loading in-browser reading experience make it a worthwhile resource for easily discovering and viewing many interesting and useful Spanish Language works.

This OSU Trial runs through 6/18/2014

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