The OSU Libraries has a trial for the NBC News Archives on Demand.  The trial will be available until 11/30/2010.

NBC News Archives on Demand contains thousands of professionally made multimedia content archived in easily searchable video collections that are updated regularly: News footage of historic and current events. Primary source documents, articles and political cartoons. Photographs, images, charts and graphs.  Critical analysis and mini-documentaries covering topics across academic disciplines.

Access NBC News Archives on Demand

NBC News Archives on Demand (Higher Ed) is specifically tailored to the needs of college and university students and instructors. Comprised of 26 collections including Biology, Psychology, Forensic Sciences, Environmental Sciences, U.S. History, Business, Economics, Urban Studies, Women’s Studies, and many more.

    * Universal Newsreels from 1930s – 1960s

    * Primary source documents from 1600s – Present

    * Current events updated regularly

    * Downloadable and embeddable videos

    * Personalized playlists for research

    * Revolutionary flippable media player

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