Sustainability Science Abstracts is part of the Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM) database.

Sustainability Science Abstracts was expanded and merged with the Human Population and Natural Resources Management section of ESPM. This new expanded database explores all aspects of sustainable development, human population and demography topics, as well as societal issues involving natural resource management. Also covered are the topics of conservation of natural resources, ensuring the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs in the present as well as maintaining the potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations. This involves the maintenance of species diversity and protection of the habitat/ecosystems they rely upon. The economy is an important aspect of sustainability and should be seen as “a means to an end” not an end in itself. Coverage includes relevant papers, reports, books and reviews from standard peer-reviewed scientific journals. To ensure comprehensive coverage, material from conference proceedings and hard-to-find gray literature has also been summarized.

Major areas of coverage include:
o Human Population Dynamics
o Population – Environment Relations
o Population Statistics and Policy
o Ecotourism
o Sustainable Living and Consumption
o Environmental Awareness and Education
o Environmental Law, Conventions, & Policy
o Sustainable Resource Base: Atmosphere; Land; Water and Biodiversity
o Economic Drivers
o Sustainable Development and Production
o Sustainable Energy
o Sustainable Transportation/Mobility

Dates of Coverage: 1995 – Current

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