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Bringing Humanities Back to the Hospital: Bioethics and Narrative Medicine

Tonight, at 7PM Pacific Time, tune in to Inspiration Dissemination to discover how Kate Swenson is connecting philosophy, story telling, and medicine. A recent graduate with a Philosophy degree from Oregon State, Kate came to OSU to complete a unique Medical Humanities certificate program as well as her pre-med program requirements. Studying underneath Doctors Anita Helle and Courtney Campbell while working on her undergraduate thesis in narrative medicine (itself a new and rare discipline), Kate focuses on how we relate to our bodies and wellness in and outside of the examination room, hoping to improve the medical experience for doctor and patient alike!

Set your dial to 88.7FM KBVR Corvallis or stream the show live at tonight and hear Kate read some of her work, and to learn more about how story telling and literary technique can make for better bedside manner and better clinical technique!