Public Health Emergency Preparedness Internship Opportunity – Summer 2018
Marion County Health & Human Services – Public Health Division
Internship Position Description:  Public Health – Emergency Preparedness

Goal: Develop and implement an emergency preparedness/response plan regarding caring for vulnerable populations in emergencies.
Objectives: (Final objectives may be adjusted to ensure course requirements are met)
1. Identify the vulnerable populations in Marion County.
2. Coordinate (with guidance from preceptor) and staff a Health Systems Preparedness Coalition workgroup based on vulnerable populations.
3. Assess regulatory compliance requirements and federal/state guidance regarding care for vulnerable populations in an emergency.
4. Write emergency preparedness and response plan regarding caring for vulnerable populations in emergencies.
Hours: Office hours are 0830-1700 Monday-Friday, but can be flexible based on student schedule. Minimum commitment of 100+ hours is preferred.
Qualifications: Graduate work in the field of health education, community health, or public health is suggested. Motivated undergraduates or students of other disciplines may also inquire.
Contact person:
Bonnie Yannariello
Phone: 503-584-4894

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