Public Health Emergency Preparedness Internship Opportunity – Summer 2018
Marion County Health & Human Services – Public Health Division

Title: Health System Supply Chain Assessment
Goal: Conduct an assessment of the health system in Marion County (not including hospitals) to determine regular supply needs and evaluate the local capacity to meet those needs in a public health emergency.
Objectives: (Final objectives may be adjusted to ensure course requirements are met)
1. Assess health system needs using a standard to interview and survey key community informants
2. Identify gaps in the supply chain by comparing assessment findings with existing resources and supply systems.
3. Summarize and share findings through written report, visual representations of key data and presentations to stakeholders.
Hours: Office hours are 0830-1700 Monday-Friday, but can be flexible based on student schedule. Minimum commitment of 100+ hours is preferred.
Qualifications: Undergraduate or graduate work in the field of health education, community health, environmental health, public health, or nursing is suggested. Others may inquire.
Contact person:
Bonnie Yannariello
503-584-4894 Phone

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