Unifications this evening

We’ve got a small unification batch on the agenda for this evening (5pm or thereabouts). These are folks that were missed for one reason or another, or moved into a department

International Programs
Berger, Nick (bergern –> bergerni)
Francis, Caine (francis –> francisc)
Rowell, Heather

Information Services
Pappas, Robin
Whiteside, Derek

Cascades 22051 Number

The OSU Cascades folks have recently been directed to get tech support by calling 22051.

(The full number is: 541-322-2051; 322 is the prefix for OSU in Bend.) 

Cascades are CN customers. If they have general questions, OCH should answer them. Anything CN-specific should go to the CN call center.

Please do NOT direct them to call 78787 or 73474. We want them to call the 22051 number.

Please do NOT refer them back to Greg Chilcote or Shannon Osborn unless they have an urgent need that requires hands-on help. In that case, CN should contact Greg or Shannon to dispatch them as we normally would for a field tech.

Many OSU Cascades people are not familiar with the name “Community Network”. They might be confused. Please reassure them that they are in the right place!

Here is how the 22051 number works:

Outside of M-F 8-5, callers are routed to CN voicemail.

During business hours, they hear this menu:

Welcome to tech support for OSU-Cascades.

For help with your computer or email, please press 1  (routes to CN split, 7-8787 option 2)

For help with an OSU Cascades telephone, please press 2  (routes to Telecom, 7-4357 option 2)

For all other questions, please press 3  (routes to OCH, 7-3474)

To hear these options again, press # or stay on the line

If you would like to leave a message, press 4 (routes to CN voicemail)

Thank you and have a nice day


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Changes to Build Bench Build Procedures

Due to reports of build inconsistencies on mac computers. The Build Bench Process has been changed. So what is changing?

  • Macs are moving back to being imaged by Deploy Studio. The process is now essentially a two step process for the basic build.  1: Image. 2: Install casper. I made it as easy and foolproof as I could. With the move to deploy studio, all of the enrollment policies in Casper have been changed so they do not install software automatically. This will make the execution of the quick add package a lot quicker.
  • The builds will no longer include department specific user templates as certain updates have changed the process and now require a complete overhaul to continue it. Which is too much maintenance for something so small.
  • I spoke to Angela, Lucas, Sam and Patrick and Office 2016 for mac is now on the image. Through our testing it has been good, and we feel it is important to get the online archive functionality to our mac users.
  • For macs to be joined to domain: As a reminder, they should only be joined in special circumstances where there are a lot of users using the machine. The machine should only be joined to the ONID domain. You can use the casper policy “CN – Onid – Domain Bind”
  • For Field Techs building macs in their free time. We ask that it be done at the build bench using deploy studio for consistency sake. Using our process completely. Once the rest of CS moves to Milne we can have a couple of ports available for the field techs that can access deploy studio. But as for now all mac computers should be built using the deploy studio process in the Milne 120 build bench.

Also as a reminder: iWork is to be only installed on machines after Late 2013. There is a smart group in casper that indicates whether or not they are eligible for free iWork. If their machine is not in that smart group, the customer must purchase the software from the app store. Under no circumstances should we be installing the software on machines that are not eligible.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

UPN change tonight

We’re going through UPN changes for a couple of folks in IP tonight:

Berger, Nick (bergern@oregonstate.edu -> bergerni@oregonstate.edu)
Francis, Caine (caine.francis@oregonstate.edu -> francisc@oregonstate.edu)

The actual unification is currently scheduled for the evening of 9/29.

Canvas Support Tips

We are getting more requests about Canvas now. Here are some reminders to help you with these requests.

Canvas Login: http://oregonstate.instructure.com

Best way to get to the Canvas login: Go to the OSU home page, click on “Online Services” and click on the big, happy Canvas button. Canvas is CAS-based auth, so you will be directed to the CAS login.oregonstate.edu page (unless you are already logged in to CAS).

If people can’t login, they should contact OCH for help.

For most other questions, customers should click on the “Help” link in the upper-right corner within Canvas to get help from Instructure. If they submit a ticket there, or use the online chat for support, the OSU Canvas team will be able to see that information.

If OCH and Instructure can’t help, we escalate to the OSU Canvas team: canvas.support@helpdesk.oregonstate.edu

When escalating, please include username, course/section number, and problem description.


Dorm network connections – common issues

ResDesk – “No name” listed

We now do NOT think the “no name” issue is keeping people from working. It is a bug in ResDesk that we are going to fix today. All the devices are registered properly in the DHCP table for people that show up that way in ResDesk.

Xbox devices – not able to connect

For Xbox systems…  Try shutting down the Xbox by holding down the power button to do a full shutdown, then leave it shut down for a while. I’ve been told there’s a way to shut down the Xbox with hand gestures, but that doesn’t really shut it down. I think it just puts it into a “sleep” type mode. You want the Xbox to do a full shutdown by holding the power button.

Other devices not able to connect

Check for static IP and DNS entries for the network adapters.

Change both to dynamic.

Some directions for Windows are here – Windows 8


Check the DHCP logs here for the MAC address if useful


REMINDER: CN-Home maintenance night of Friday September 18th!

Email that was sent to CN customers today.


CN Customers,

This is a reminder that Information Services will perform maintenance on CN-Home (also known as your P: drive) beginning at 7:00 PM, this Friday, September 18th, 2015.  All data on CN-Home will be transitioned to a larger and more efficient storage solution.  CN-Home will be unavailable beginning at 7:00 PM on Friday and will return to service by 7:00 AM on Saturday morning.


When:  Friday, September 18th from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM, Saturday, September 19th, 2015


What do I need to do?   Please save your work, close all files, and log out of your computer before you leave for the weekend.  Copy any files that you must work on between 7:00 PM on Friday and 7:00 AM on Saturday to your C: drive, CN-Share (S: drive) or an external USB drive so that you can access them during the maintenance window.  Be sure to copy any updated files back to your P: drive after CN-Home is restored to service.


You can double-click on the attached .ics file if you would like to add a reminder to your Outlook calendar.  The reminder will pop up at 4:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.


Services affected:  CN-Home/P: Drive


Thank you for your patience while we perform this important maintenance.


Your Community Network support team



(541) 737-8787 Option 2

Wireless IP pool move on September 22

On September 22, in our regular maintenance window from 6am – 7am, the Network Operations team will be performing maintenance on the OSU wireless network.

The goal of this maintenance is to increase the size of the IP address pools in use on the wireless network, in order to handle the larger number of devices we expect to connect.

Additionally, in working with the Office of Information Security, it was determined there is no longer a need to separate OSU_Secure, OSU_Access, and EduRoam users into separate IP ranges. So additionally, this maintenance will move all OSU wireless clients onto the following IP ranges:

All Wireless Clients will be assigned an IP from the following range: –

When connecting off-campus, the following public IP range will be used for  PAT: –


Note: this does NOT impact IP ranges on the Visitors wireless, as this will continue to be handled by Peak Internet.


Kindly let us know if you have any questions.





Banner cert changes – Thursday September 17th


Just a quick heads-up that we will be renewing server certificates for Banner on Thursday September 17, 2015.  An unfortunate side effect is users may see and need to click through up to three java warnings similar to the one below when starting Banner INB.

It is safe to accept these, and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Thank you,


Jill Swenson

Associate Director, Enterprise Computing Services

Oregon State University

(541) 737-0682