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Service Desk Digest 4/5/2017

Students: Check your WhenToWork preferences

We have had several people miss shifts already this week due to scheduling conflicts. Please check your WhenToWork preferences carefully to ensure you are not set as available to work during a scheduled class.

Remember: it is your responsibility to ensure your WhenToWork settings are correct.

Citrix XenApp update next week

The Citrix XenApp environment will be upgraded and cut-over next week from College of Engineering’s infrastructure to IS’ infrastructure. With this change, we will gain access to some very useful troubleshooting tools. Information will be added to the Citrix InfoSheet shortly.

OSU-Cascades IT phone number

Telecom let me know that the phone menu for the old OSU-Cascades IT number (22051) had been wiped somehow. Customers calling that number heard dead air and were not able to get through to the call center.
This number used to be on a sticker on all OSU-Cascades computers, but no longer is. We started phasing it out about a year ago in favor of the main number (78787).
Fortunately, I still had a copy of the script, so Telecom re-recorded it for us. I have asked that they reprogram it to redirect directly to 78787 and that may be happening next week.

Sierra and ScreenConnect

Call center techs are seeing frequent but intermittent issues with ScreenConnect misbehaving on Sierra machines, making remote control almost impossible in many cases.

We may be able to resolve this with a change to ScreenConnect, or with a different tool. Will keep you all posted.

Floor in front of Milne 201

We had a bit of a surprise this week with the floor being torn up in front of Milne 201 without any notice. Angela is in conversation with Facilities about when the reinstall will happen, and trying to negotiate it for a time the walkup is not open. If the install ends up producing a lot of fumes, we can close the walkup door temporarily. My apologies for the unintended excitement.


Call Center Digest 1/22/2016

Things to Know:

  • Java prompts when starting Banner INB: Customers might be seeing a “Do you want to run this application” prompt when running Banner. It is safe to accept these prompts; they are a side-effect of periodic security updates on the server.
  • CN-Share file corruption status: Research and INTO are almost done, but there are some continuing issues restoring some files with long file names. The corruption was caused by a ransomware virus, probably received as an attachment posing as a scan document by 3 people in HR, INTO and Research.
  • Call Center emergency announcement instructions: I have posted a document to ITKnows about how to set or remove the emergency announcement that plays when people call 78787 or 73474. We set this when there is an unexpected closure, or a widespread outage causing a high number of calls. Usually a manager will set the announcement, but I felt it was reasonable to share this information with the team.


Some stats:

We took a ridiculous number of calls in our modest little call center this week. On Tuesday, 1/19, we processed a total of 563 calls (I’m including drops), created 172 tickets, and closed 264 tickets. Wednesday was also pretty busy with 399 total calls, 220 tickets created and 88 tickets closed.

This week we had staff shortages, a network outage, share file corruption, and a backlog of tickets we fought our way through. In the midst of all that, we received 15 survey results, the vast majority of which were very positive (one person complained about the ONID website).

Folks, that’s a job well-done.

Cascades 22051 Number

The OSU Cascades folks have recently been directed to get tech support by calling 22051.

(The full number is: 541-322-2051; 322 is the prefix for OSU in Bend.) 

Cascades are CN customers. If they have general questions, OCH should answer them. Anything CN-specific should go to the CN call center.

Please do NOT direct them to call 78787 or 73474. We want them to call the 22051 number.

Please do NOT refer them back to Greg Chilcote or Shannon Osborn unless they have an urgent need that requires hands-on help. In that case, CN should contact Greg or Shannon to dispatch them as we normally would for a field tech.

Many OSU Cascades people are not familiar with the name “Community Network”. They might be confused. Please reassure them that they are in the right place!

Here is how the 22051 number works:

Outside of M-F 8-5, callers are routed to CN voicemail.

During business hours, they hear this menu:

Welcome to tech support for OSU-Cascades.

For help with your computer or email, please press 1  (routes to CN split, 7-8787 option 2)

For help with an OSU Cascades telephone, please press 2  (routes to Telecom, 7-4357 option 2)

For all other questions, please press 3  (routes to OCH, 7-3474)

To hear these options again, press # or stay on the line

If you would like to leave a message, press 4 (routes to CN voicemail)

Thank you and have a nice day


Please let me know if you have any questions.