About this blog & Use Policy

This blog is to facilitate shared knowledge, news, and discussion between the team members of Client Services.

First, a few ground rules:

  1. Keep it professional.
  2. Leave the snark elsewhere.
  3. Keep it relevant.

Not too hard.

Now, let’s have a little FaQ about this blog:

Q: Who has access to this blog?

A: All employees of Client Services have access to this blog. If you have not received an invite, please ask your manager or lead.

Q: Can I post to this blog?

A: Yes, but depending on your level of privilege, your post may have to be approved before it is displayed. The same holds true for comments on posts. For a breakdown of the privileges and access, please visit WordPress – Roles and Capabilities.

Q: What type of content should I post here?

A: Any news relating to Client Services, or your group therein, that needs to be shared. These could be items such as policy changes, outages, or new services.

Additionally, this is a forum for discussing ideas and soliciting feedback. For example, you may have and idea for a change in process or a service, but the next meeting where you can bring it up is a ways off, or, it is a lengthy discussion that could derail the meeting. By posting your idea or question here, you can solicit thoughtful, moderated, and recorded feedback.

Q: Are there any guidelines for posting?

A: At the risk of breaking rule #2, go to the top of this page and read it again. All-in-all, there are no set guidelines at this time since this blog is still in its infancy stages. With that said, expect guidelines to be developed and published as this blog matures.

Here are some suggestions to assist you:

  1. Give your post a clear and meaningful title.
  2. Remember to add tags.
  3. Try to put a Subject Heading at the beginning of your title. For example:
    • Policy Change – XP Rises from the Dead
    • Agenda – CS Ops 02/22/2022
    • Feedback Wanted – Adding Fruit to Menu X

Q: Why don’t we have feature X on this blog?

A: Because it wasn’t suggested until now, or it is not something that we can enable. With that said, if you have an idea as to how to improve this blog, please share it. The aim is to make this as functional and practical as possible for our departmental needs.

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