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Service Desk Digest 7/16/2021

Please read for a few important updates.

Service Desk Walk-in Relaunch

Starting Monday, July 19, we will be accepting walk-ins in Milne 201 again. I will be updating our webpage and email templates to reflect this change.

Customers who have a Milne appointment scheduled can come into 201 to meet us. They no longer need to ring the bell.

If you are helping a customer on the phone and decide they need help in person – or they ask for help in person – you can provide the following options:

  1. Offer to make an appointment for them to meet a technician in Milne. Use Bookings to make the appointment.
  2. For CN customers, we can schedule a technician to meet the customer in their office.
  3. Customers can drop in to the Milne walk-up any time Monday-Friday 8am-5pm during the Summer.

Please reach out to me, Max, Jeff or Andre if you have any questions about this.

CN Build Email Templates

I’ve made several changes to the email response templates related to computer builds:

  • There is a new category called “SD – Builds”
  • The template that was called “Computer pickup” is now called “Computer is ready” and has correct options for pick-up, placement or shipping. Please use this one when notifying a customer that their computer build is done.
  • The templates for Windows and Mac interviews have been moved to the SD – Builds category.
  • The “Computer Shipped” template has been moved to the SD – Builds category.
  • I removed several defunct templates, including: Schedule PC Placement, Schedule PC Placement (Extension), Stop tag authorization, Schedule PC Interview, and Schedule PC Interview (Extension).
  • I still need to update several places in the KB.

Cosine Transition Update

We now have access to the Cosine ONID organizational units, so we can move Cosine user accounts with ONIDMover if needed.

If we have a Cosine computer that needs a rebuild, go ahead and build the computer with the CN image. Computer objects for Cosine should be placed in

We now have limited access with our admin accounts in the domain. We can manage computer objects and have admin access to Cosine lab computers. For security group changes, contact a full-timer and we will escalate the request.

Guest Access in Teams

It is now possible to request guest access be enabled for a team. A request form has been added to TDx.

For details, see: Teams – Chat with External Members or add Guests to a Team

Changes to CN New Account Form

The CN new account form now includes two date fields – a start date for the new employee, and a date the changes are needed by (if earlier than the employee start date).

The “account type” field has been updated to include these three options:

  1. Employee
  2. Grad Student
  3. Undergraduate Student Employee or Other (Intern, Volunteer, etc.)

In the case of the third option, we will create a CN Active Directory account. The account can only be used for Windows login and Exchange email. If the customer needs more services, such as VPN, Zoom, Teams, or Box, they should request a sponsored account instead.

For details about new CN accounts, see: CN – Setup a CN Account for a New Employee

For details about sponsored accounts, see: Sponsored ONID Accounts (Internal)

Software Licensing Training

License Requests for EndNote, SPSS, and Mathematica

Starting July 2021, Service Desk will receive and process requests for licenses to EndNote, SPSS, and Mathematica. There is no need to escalate these requests; they can be processed now by Service Desk techs.

To gain access to the software licensing tracking sheet for EndNote, SPSS, and Mathematica, please complete the new Software Licensing Training:

Once you have completed the training, contact Kirsten Petersen or Max Cohen for access to the licensing tracking sheet.

We will start pointing these ticket requests at Service Desk soon, so please complete the training as soon as you can. Thank you!

Cosine Support


As you saw in Andrew’s June 25 email, Customer Experience (CX) is taking on desktop support for the Cosine user base as of today, July 1. For now, we will continue to call the service “Cosine” and the customers “Cosine customers”. Over time, this will probably change. For now, our goals are to ensure that the customers receive the same level of service they are used to, and that our team have the tools we need to do that.

RefTool has already been updated to show that both CN and Cosine customers are “CX supported.” Cosine supported computers are already enrolled in LAPS, so we can retrieve local admin passwords for them. For any computers that aren’t in LAPS yet, the admin password will be documented in Keeper.

The Cosine student workers now report to Max and will be joining our team. We will also be working to recruit for a new desktop support manager who will manage desktop support for the combined Cosine and CN customer base.

CJ Keist, current manager of the DRI team and former Assistant Director of Cosine, will be helping plan the project to transition Cosine support. Note that only the service desk and desktop support components of Cosine will be coming to CX. Other aspects – such as web support, research computing and server management – will be going with the Cosine staff who support those areas as they are reassigned to other teams in UIT.

We have not yet changed how Cosine users get support. Their calls and emails still route to the Cosine service points and we will probably continue to run things that way for a little while until we have a good transition plan.

However, Cosine customers have been notified of the coming changes. If a Cosine customer contacts the Service Desk now, please do your best to support them at the same level that you would a Community Network customer. If you don’t have access to a tool or documentation needed to fulfill the request, please contact Kirsten Petersen, Max Cohen or CJ Keist for assistance. Please do not refer Cosine customers somewhere else; instead, reassure them that they have come to the right place.

We’ll be working with the Cosine team to create internal documentation in our knowledge base for the Cosine user base. For an example of what this will look like, please see the department infosheets. Let me know what kinds of things you have questions about, so we can be sure to get that documented or addressed before we move service points.

I look forward to your suggestions, and hope you will join me in welcoming our new team members:

  • Grace Johnson
  • Max Davensmith
  • Andy Yu
  • Alex Wan
  • Kiernan Canavan

Service Desk Blog 5/11/2021

Escalation Information in InfoSheets

When escalating a ticket, always check the Service Infosheet for that service first. Escalation can be done in one of three ways, depending on how that group uses the ticketing system. We either assign a task to another group, reassign the whole ticket, or notify the appropriate group via email on the ticket.

Because of this unfortunate complexity, I have documented the best way to escalate a ticket in each of the service infosheets. You can usually find an infosheet by searching the KB for the service name and the word “infosheet”.

The Infosheets also cover other important details, so please check them out!

Outage and Maintenance Tickets

Please check the Outage and Maintenance ticket report at the start of each shift. The report includes parent tickets for ongoing issues or potential issues that we should be aware of. Often the parent tickets will have instructions about how to resolve an issue, or what information to collect from the customer. The report is linked to the default “Desktop” app in TeamDynamix and is also listed in RefTool under Documentation-> Outage and Maintenance Tickets.

You may also find it helpful to check the page for current and past outage information.

Recent Customer Feedback

Here are some recent responses from customers on our ticket survey. These are all just from the past week. Keep up the great work, team! Our campus appreciates you.

“staff I work with at the service desk are always positive and helpful”

“As always great service!”

“I spoke with two staff people on that morning because I was onsite trying to load outlook and slack. They were both very kind and helpful. Thanks for everything you all do everyday!!!”

“I received excellent and supportive support to resolve a computer start up issue. Issue has been resolved, and was done in a timely and professional manner. Thank you IS Desk!!”

“Good info and the fix worked ! Thanks”

“Service desk was contacted on May 3 at 2:39pm and by 5:00pm they had installed the Unity Client to the customers desktop.”

“Great service! Resolved my issue promptly and professionally. I really appreciate it!”

“Super helpful, knew exactly what my issue was and was able to fix it in minutes.”

“Staff helped by installing needed ShoWorks in a timely manner. He was very effective and efficient.”

“The response was quick and helpful, and all of my questions were answered”

“Fast, friendly, and got it installed correctly.”

“Super helpful regarding IT question. Staff was able to give me a solution in the moment. He then went the extra mile and followed up through email with an alterative solution for me to try. Thank you! I really appreciated the help.”

“The CN staff are very professional and helpful.”

“Only needed the one call to resolve, very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you! “

“Meanwhile, during my last 9 years and 4 months of working in the Myrtle Point Extension office, I always felt extreeeeemly grateful for the help and support of your team!”

“Justin Vaughn was very helpful. He took care of my questions and concerns about my laptop computer.”

“Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. No complaints.”

“staff was very quick and responsive to emails / calls. they were very helpful. thank you.”

“Very much appreciate the time and care taken to resolve this issue. Thank you!”

“Thanks for help Charlene”

“The staff at the service desk was very polite and was thorough in taking note of the issue with internet connectivity. I felt like I was being heard, and I appreciated their help. The problem was fixed in a timely fashion.”

“Very helpful and supportive! Patient and understanding…and the outcome was positive!”

“Tim was patient and willing to help the best he could. My issue was strange and we both were a little confused. However, Tim solved the issue with ease. Amazing service. 10/10. Give them a sticker. Awesome job!”

“Very quick and courteous response to my request, remedy suggested was the answer!”

“Knowledgeable, helpful, and reached out multiple times to ensure I had all the information I needed. Much appreciated!”

“Both service and staff were amazing. Able to do what I need it”

“Really quick, knowledgeable help. Made the whole deal a lot less stressful”

“I called late right before 5 on a Friday…he had a great attitude and helped me so quickly.”

Service Desk Blog 4/19/2021

Welcome New Team Members!

I neglected to send out a welcome to our Fall 2020 new hires, so let’s start there:

  • Madeline Acherman
  • Jawad Alamgir
  • Zach Breazile
  • Troy Cobos
  • Nick Dickens
  • Tim Gonzales
  • Derek Grose
  • Andrew LeClaire
  • Emmanuel Moncada
  • Sameen Shahzad
  • Andrew Vester
  • Miles Wineland
  • Ricardo Wu

And welcome to our new Spring 2021 hires:

  • Matt Chiasson
  • Nitya Patil
  • Julien Plomion
  • Axel Pothier
  • Colston Warne
  • Kitrick “Kit” Miller
  • Marco Predovic
  • Daksh Viradiya
  • Noah Chung
  • Eli DeJack
  • Justin Kiernan
  • Ahmad Rafique


We had a few students leave us recently. Please join me in wishing them well on their next adventures.

  • Clayton Irish
  • Matt Sleeper
  • Cole Lingo

Thank you for being part of our team! We will miss you.

Spring Term Items

We are in the process of planning the Spring Term student meeting. If you have suggested topics for the meeting, please let Kirsten or Max know, or contact one of the student leads.

If you are graduating this year, please remember to do a FERPA release if you want a supervisor to respond to reference calls for you. You can also contact Max, Kirsten, or Andrew for help with your resume, cover letters, or to ask for a letter of recommendation. I also recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile – Max or I can add you to our LinkedIn group where current and former CX employees share job postings. It’s a great way to stay connected.


Verify ID when resetting a CN account password.
We need to make sure we are resetting the password for the right person, and not being socially engineered. The process is similar to Duo verification and is documented here: CN – Accounts – Administratively set a CN Password (Internal)

Only use ConnectWise when needed.
You should only be asking the customer to do a remote session when you need to see their screen. There are many requests for which this would not be needed, and we don’t want to waste the customer’s time. Always tell the customer why you want to do a remote session, and ask them if they are okay with doing that. Always ask before taking control of the remote session, and always tell the customer what you are doing as you do it.

Respect the customer’s time.
Know whether you are making forward progress in a call or not. Give the customer a rough idea of how long things will take so they know what to expect. If you are not sure, let them know that, too. If you are not making progress, seek help. Sometimes a referral may be needed, but make sure you are getting the customer to the right place and that they know why you are referring them elsewhere.

  • Case in point: A customer recently gave feedback that they spent 3 hours on the phone with us before we told them we couldn’t fix their issue because it wasn’t an OSU service. That is something we should know and address at the beginning of the call.

Involve instructor in course-specific troubleshooting.
We support Canvas from the technology side of things, but if a student or TA needs help that is specific to a course or assignment, they should probably talk to their instructor. For example, sometimes instructors post assignments incorrectly, and they are the only ones who can address that. We can email information – such as troubleshooting steps tried – to instructors if needed.

Ask yourself: could this be a warranty issue?
If you are helping a customer with a university-owned device that appears to be having hardware issues, please look up the service tag or serial to see whether it is under warranty. Part of the CN service includes helping coordinate warranty repair or replacements for customers. For computers at Extension sites, we can often have the vendor go on-site to do repairs, meaning the customer does not need to ship the computer to Milne. For more about CN warranty repair, see: CN – Hardware Warranty Repair Process (Internal)

Customer Feedback

The following are just a few of the comments we received on customer surveys last week:

“Quick and professional as always.”

“I appreciate all of the help I received as well as clarity in explanations and support services both on the phone and online. Thank you!”

“Very helpful and it did not take too long to get the issue resolved.”

“Many thanks to Mr. Burks, who was very patient with my questions and helped me learn some things.”

“It took a 2 phone calls to complete the requested help, but both techs were extremely helpful and kind to work with! Thank you!”

“Your team was great at walking me through the problem and guiding me to a solution. I was also impressed at how quickly they were attentive to my request. Good work.”

Keep up the great work, everyone!

Service Desk Digest – 3/24/2021

ONID Activation Changes

There will be a new ONID activation process soon, which should hopefully reduce support calls. The change had been scheduled for 3/25, but has been pushed back to next week (probably 3/31). You can see a walk-thru of the process or try it yourself. For info, see: New ONID Activation Process

IAM have already written draft updates to the relevant KB articles; these will be published when the new process is put in place.

Security Software Deployment

There will be another round of security software deployed to university-owned Windows computers (workstations and servers) starting Thursday, 3/25. If you run into issues with high disk I/O or CPU utilization that appear to be related to the new software, please see the parent tickets and ask in the SD Internal Talk channel for assistance.

MyCN Status

MyCN is working for access to CN-Home and CN-Share. However, customers can no longer access other network shares. Password changes are also not working at this time.

It is likely that MyCN is going to stay like this for a while. Please help customers with work-arounds: MyCN Parent ticket

Changes to Wireless Network

NOC has made some updates to the wireless network, including disabling WPA TKIP legacy encryption method. Only a handful of devices were seen still trying to use this method. For details, see: Wireless change parent ticket

Service Desk Digest – 3/8/2021

Zoom Update

Zoom update 5.5.4 was released March 1, and has improvements for clearly indicating who is sharing content. It also includes a new custom gallery view order option so that when non-video participants turn on video, the gallery order doesn’t change. Please encourage customers to upgrade.

Details here:

Upcoming Banner Maintenance

  • March 11 @ 12:01am-4:00am – MyDegrees outage to apply security upgrades. This maintenance is scheduled after registration.
  • March 13 (in the morning) – PROD database upgrade to Oracle 19.3. Impacts Appworx, AWA, Banner Self-Service, Banner 9, some admin tools in Canvas, Clean Address, Nolij, MyDegrees, eSET, EvalS, FormFusion, some MyOregonState links, Banner Workflow, some OnBase functions, Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM), Academic Catalot (CAT), Schedule of Classes.

Skype for Business Removal

The Endpoint team are rolling out a package to remove Skype for Business from CN-managed computers. This process is currently running against computers owned by UIT. Pending the results of that push, the package removal will be pushed out to the rest of the CN fleet.

Note that OSU’s Skype for Business servers were taken down a while ago. However, it is possible that some customers may still be using it to access non-OSU servers. In that case, they are welcome to reinstall the app.

Beaver Basecamp

Beaver Basecamp is a tool used by Admissions to manage the new student admissions process. Note that incoming students make an account in Beaver Basecamp before they get their ONID account. Once they are fully admitted, they sign up for ONID and at that point have a new username and password. A few folks have been confused by the two different accounts.

Questions about Beaver Basecamp should be referred to Admissions.

For more information about Beaver Basecamp, see: Beaver Basecamp

What’s My Phone Number?

OSU extensions are commonly written in a 5-digit format:

  • If you see an OSU extension that starts with a 7, the full number will be 541-737-xxxx.
  • For OSU extensions that start with a 3, the full number will be 541-713-xxxx.

Tanium & Tenable

Tanium and Tenable are management applications that run on university-owned devices. Tanium ensures critical updates are applied, and Tenable monitors for vulnerabilities. For the most part, we should not need to do anything with either application.

Once Tanium is installed on a computer, VPN is not needed in order to get updates. Tanium ensures that Tenable is installed and running. We are not installing Tanium on personal devices.

For more information about Tanium & Tenable, see:

MyOSU/Luminis Gone

Reminder that MyOSU was replaced by MyOregonState last year. I have pulled most references to MyOSU from the knowledge base. The “Luminis Admins” contact has also been removed from TeamDynamix.

For instructions on escalating MyOregonState questions, please see: MyOregonState Service InfoSheet (Internal)

Note that many OSU websites may still refer to “MyOSU” and customers may still refer to MyOregonState that way.

Reminder: Asking Questions

We are a team and it’s great to ask questions. However, there is a better way to do it! Read on for some guidance on how to ask for help:

  1. Gather all the info you can about who the customer is, which computer they are using, where they are, and what they are trying to do.
  2. Make good notes on the troubleshooting steps you have already tried.
  3. Determine urgency: When asking someone for help, let the other person know how urgent the request is.
  4. Learn something new: If you escalate, follow up to find out what the answer was.
  5. Document what you learned in the ticket and the knowledge base. Save future technicians time and trouble!

Please Install Sentry GateKeeper for E911

You may recall that Telecom asked us recently to test out the Sentry Gatekeeper software for e911 with soft phones. (See:

If you haven’t installed this software yet, please do so for your own safety. Sentry Gatekeeper will allow you to set your current address and have it associated with your OSU softphone number.

Why do I need to install this?

When using the soft phone, your OSU phone number is associated by default with the OSU Corvallis location. The 911 system assumes that you are located on the OSU Corvallis campus, whether you are or not.  911 calls will be routed to the closest center to your location or assumed location. If you make a 911 call and are not able to communicate your actual location during the call, emergency services may not be able to find you.

The Gatekeeper application is available to all OSU softphone users to install on their OSU-owned or personal Windows computers.  We are requesting that users who have the softphone application installed also download, install, and configure the Gatekeeper application on that same system.  

Mac OS and other non-Windows users who rely on the softphone via Citrix can access the Sentry Gatekeeper application along with the Avaya One-X Communicator in the Citrix App store ( and look for the combined application.

If you can’t get the Sentry Gatekeeper to work on your personal computer, please contact Max Cohen; we can provide a computer for you to use for work.

How do I install Gatekeeper?

The application, license file, user install and configuration guide, and install video can be found here:  There is also a short video for Citrix users that demonstrates configuring Gatekeeper by launching the “Avaya One-X + Sentry Gatekeeper” app link using Citrix Workspace.

More information can be found along with the link above in knowledgebase article available here:

Sentry GateKeeper for E911 and SoftPhones

Steve Fowler with Telecom would like us to help test a new application.

The Sentry GateKeeper provides location data for E911 for soft phone users.

For information and a link to the installer, see: Sentry GateKeeper

Please try the installation and review the user guide. We do not need to make any test calls to 911. Please send feedback on this application to Kirsten Petersen or Steve Fowler.


Service Desk Digest 1/22/2021

Local Accounts

The following article has important information about how to do first time login on loaners, checkout computers, and CN computers: Windows – First Time Login Remote

Most loaners and checkout computers should have the “OSUBeavers” local account on them.

CN computers should have a local administrator password listed in LAPS. They should also still have the “Supportremote” account (see Keeper) but note that it is not a local admin.

Escalation to AT Teams

The Academic Technology teams provide direct customer service for services such as Kaltura and Canvas. As such, they have asked that we escalate by reassigning tickets to their teams instead of doing task assignment.

To reassign a ticket in TeamDynamix, select “Actions” -> “Reassign…”

The service infosheets have been updated to reflect this change:

Milne Construction

The construction in Milne (including the addition of a bathroom on the main floor) is expected to be done by the end of February.

If you have questions about the project, please ask Max.

In-Person Appointments and Personal Device Support

A reminder: we are still providing in-person appointments and personal device support, but with some modifications and limitations.

As covered in the training, our support is still “remote first” meaning that we should do our best to help people via remote before making an appointment.

All in-person support is by appointment only, and all appointments should be made in Bookings. Please don’t give the Bookings link to customers – we are not quiet ready for that yet!

For personal devices, ask a senior tech for assistance before scheduling an appointment. They may have more ideas to suggest. Or, we may not want to bother having them bring the computer in if it’s unlikely we can fix it (e.g. in the case of serious hardware issues). We don’t want to waste the customer’s time or our own by having them bring in a device that is beyond our ability to repair.

If you need a refresher on appointments, please re-do the training: SD Scheduling During Covid

New VPN Client

There is a new Cisco AnyConnect client available in the downloads folder – version 4.9.05042.

The previous version has a vulnerability:

We don’t have a good way to push AnyConnect updates yet, so as you help customers, please make sure to check their AnyConnect version and help them update to the latest. Note that the install requires local admin privileges.

Kaltura Capture Issues: Suggest Zoom as Alternative

From Raul Burriel:

“We know that with the increase of distance learning, there’s been an increase in usage of the Kaltura Capture tool, but this also means more users having issues with the software. There are a number of variables at play here, including the user’s operating system and the version of Kaltura Capture. When a user does experience an issue, the immediate solution is to steer them to an alternate product and report the issue to Kaltura. OS, software version, and logs are helpful in reporting these issues to Kaltura. The product is supported by Kaltura and regular updates are released for the product. But since we can’t wait for a patch from the vendor, steering the user to alternate solutions – such as Zoom – will help get a user on their feet ASAP. “

Short version: if customer’s are having issues with Kaltura Capture, please make note of the relevant info and record that in the ticket for the Kaltura team. But to get the customer up-and-running, suggest they use Zoom for video recording.

Modifying Name in Zoom

From Carolyn:

“OSU is moving towards into a centralized display name that can be customized, providing the ability to provide preferences and pronouns that would be used throughout services like Zoom. Until that is in place we may disable the display name mapping and allow it to be customized. We should have an answer on this next week.”

For now, please see the work-around using the Zoom mobile app, where display name changes are still allowed: Zoom – Temporary Workaround for Editing Display Name in Zoom

CJIS Training and Fingerprinting

If you have not completed your CJIS training or fingerprinting, please do so ASAP. Let me or Max know if you have questions.