by Ruth Sylvester, WIC GTA

The WIC Team is happy to report the success of the 2019 Spring Lunch Series. Presenters shared their passion for innovation as they helped us to explore new strategies and revisit well-loved staples. This year’s Lunch Series featured deep thoughts on assignment design for low-stakes writing, rhetorical perspectives for learning disciplinary genres, feedback tools for teaching WIC on Ecampus, and models for introducing students to ecological thinking in the writing classroom. Thanks again to our dedicated presenters and to the WIC community for being a lively and supportive audience.

April 5 – Reflective Writing for Professionalization: WIC Assignment Design (Nate Kirk, Integrative Biology)

April 12 – Writing Locations and Processes: Models from Permaculture, Writing Studios, and Public Spaces (Marisa Yerace, Ruth Sylvester, Ian Ferris; School of Writing, Literature, and Film)

May 3 – Transfer of Learning from WR II to WIC: Argumentation, Technical Writing, and Business Writing (Clare Braun, Sam Schwartz, Kristy Kelly, Roby Conner; School of Writing, Literature, and Film)

May 17 – Teaching WIC on Ecampus (Becky Haddad, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences; Randy Moore, Fisheries and Wildlife; Cyndie McCarley, Ecampus)

pic-pizzaWe at WIC are excited to announce that our Spring Lunch Series is coming up quickly. This year’s topics are lively, and we are looking forward to the conversations ahead. All lunches this year are being held on Fridays in Milam 215 from 12 to 1pm. To RSVP for one or more of the lunches, please click here. If you have any questions regarding the seminars, please contact Jacob day at As always, delicious American Dream pizza and beverages will be provided.

This year’s series includes:

April 10th–Writing with an Accent: WIC, “World Englishes” and INTO OSU
April 17th—Multi-Lingual Writers and OSU
May 1st—College Writing Profiles: Updated Uses and Needed Change
May 15th—Using Canvass in the Writing Classroom