WIC Fall Workshop at OSU Cascades

By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

We are taking the WIC show on the road! On November 2, 2017, nineteen OSU Cascades faculty gathered on the Bend campus for an all-day WIC workshop presented by WIC Director Vicki Tolar Burton. Many of these faculty are already teaching WIC courses or designing new WIC offerings for the OSU-Cascades curriculum. The faculty were highly engaged with discussions of what constitutes a WIC course as well as best practices for assignment design and critical thinking. A winter follow-up workshop is planned.

Attendees included:

  • Yong Bakos (Computer Science)
  • Pat Ball (Biology)
  • Nicholas Dahl (Communication)
  • Karen Ellis (Art)
  • Kiel Fletcher (Art)
  • Flexner, Lisa (Kinesiology)
  • Seth Ganzhorn (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
  • Jenna Goldsmith (Writing)
  • John Griffis (Math)
  • DeAnna Hellwich (department not provided)
  • Maeve Perle (Hospitality)
  • Jen Roddick (Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership)
  • Ellen Santasiero (English)
  • Bruce Seal (Biology)
  • Kristina Smith (Biochemistry and Biophysics)
  • Amy Watson (Marketing)
  • Becca Webb (Energy Systems Engineering)
  • Kyle Webb (Energy Systems Engineering)
  • Kara Witzke (Kinesiology)

Snapshots of the WIC Workshop:







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