WIC Fall Seminar Faculty Recognized

By Ruth Sylvester

The WIC program and staff would like to congratulate the 17 faculty participants of the Fall 2017 WIC Seminar.

WIC Seminar Fall 2017 Participants
Clockwise from top left: Ruth Sylvester, Dana Reason, Beau Baca, Randy Moore, James Stevens, Nate Kirk, Meta Landys, Elise Bradley, Linda Richards, Deborah John, Lisa Ellsworth Becky Haddad, Deann Garcia, Liz White, Vicky Tolar-Burton, Jennifer Anderson, Mohana Das, Natchee Barnd, Megan MacDonald

This fall, the seminar brought together faculty from such disciplines as economics, music, biology and design, among others. Over the five weeks of the seminar, faculty participants explored pedagogical nuances of WIC through their engagement with numerous informal writing-to-learn exercises. Following last year’s interest in peer review of WIC assignments, the seminar focused in on varied approaches for responding to student writing, including strategies for administering feedback for Ecampus students. Participants also reviewed assignments for each other, discussed ways to guide students through the drafting process, and shared rubrics for long graded writing assignments.

In evaluating the seminar, faculty showed their enthusiasm for teaching writing and learning new writing strategies. They appreciated “idea sharing among like-minded faculty members” and “the collegial environment…invaluable for generating ideas and building a network of resources.”

During Winter Term, the WIC program will offer a new workshop, Intersections of Critical Thinking and Assignment Design. This workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, from 2-4pm in Milam 215, and refreshments will be provided. Sign up for it here.

It was a privilege and pleasure sharing the learning space of the WIC Fall Seminar. This year’s participants were:

*Jennifer Anderson – Education
*Beau Baca – Academic Advising/College of Liberal Arts
*Natchee Barnd – Ethnic Studies
*Elise Bradley – Education
*Lisa Ellsworth – Fisheries and Wildlife
*Deann Garcia – Graphic Design
*Becky Haddad – General Agriculture
*Deborah John – Kinesiology
*Nate Kirk – Integrative Biology
*Meta Landys – Integrative Biology
*Deanna Lloyd – Crop and Soil Sciences
*Megan MacDonald – Kinesiology
*Randy Moore – Fisheries and Wildlife
*Dana Reason – Contemporary Music
*Linda Richards – History of Science
*James Sterns – Applied Economics
*Liz White – Education

Some snapshots from the seminar:

Liz White and Randy Moore
Jennifer Anderson and Linda Richards
Deanna Lloyd and Elise Bradley
(L to R) Natchee Barnd, Beau Baca, and James Stevens
Writing Values Exercise
L to R: Beau Baca, James Stevens, Meta Landys, Deborah John, and Megan MacDonald


























Thanks to Teagan Lochner and Caryn Stoess for the photographs.

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