Review of an artist I admire

I met Ari when she was in high school and I was a sponsor for a youth group through my church. At a regional event retreat she was assigned to my group of about 10 teenagers with another adult leader. From this introduction I remember her as a beautiful and caring kid. And yes, she […]

A new look at my blog

I am reviewing my blogging life. I have started a new website for the first time ever to develop an online presence. My hope is to be able to transfer my old blog to this website and continue my work in progress. This most recent class I am taking for OSU is ART 451, and […]

My last post for WGSS 320

So here I am blogging like a “pro” and three months ago all I had ever done was read other peoples blogs.  I am feeling rather accomplished at all the technical skills I have learned this quarter in Gender and Technology. I find it exciting to know the difference between a post and a page. […]

RSS Feed

I know it might be a little late, but I like the motto ” better late than never.”  So I added an RSS feed to my blog today.  I can see current technology news and hopefully will receive some extra credit points. It feels like I’ve accomplished something more in my WGSS 320 Gender and […]

Looking ahead to the Financial Analysis project

A list of my greatest dreams: Retire by age 67+ Travel the globe Promote world peace, maybe with activism to help establish the U.S. Department of Peace or policy to ignite the United States Institute of Peace Build my cottage at the coast – has to have a porch, big area for sewing projects, be […]


This new post will address whether the subject of my Gender Lens Project warrants further activism.  I chose the urinalysis test strip for my subject.  My research has found that it is a gender neutral medical product, so I do not believe further activism on that front is necessary. Marketing is not an issue with […]

Research on my Gender Lens Project

I’ve begun to research and analyze a piece of technology, the urinalysis strip test.  Now to blog about it as requested under 7.5 instructions from Week 7 of WGSS 320 Gender and Technology class. Research Success and Problems Successes: (a) I’ve found lots of research sites and materials, all through the OSU Library.  I am […]

Librarians Can Help

As I continue to research for my Cultural Research Project, I’ve found all kinds of sources for my project. I’ve even found how easy it is to find something once, and then not be able to find that same source again. But fortunately, librarians are there to help. One source of information I found on […]

Week 2: Social Constructions

My initial ideas about this topic for my blog and writing about it are: 1.  It took me a while to figure out how to even get to my blog spot and login, I am learning. 2.  I have now learned to add a new post.  I did also read about settings.  Now I need […]

Writing and Publishing a New Post

A recap of my writing a new post so far, at least I’m in the right spot. The email signature was not too tough, but then I have already had experience with Google mail at work, so just another way to practice for the school email account. I do like listening to web pages with my computer’s […]