A new look at my blog

I am reviewing my blogging life. I have started a new website for the first time ever to develop an online presence. My hope is to be able to transfer my old blog to this website and continue my work in progress. This most recent class I am taking for OSU is ART 451, and […]

Challenges and Progress

It is very late for me to be finding out that I am not able to complete embedded links in my blog without them looking like a mile long http:// URL address. Since I learned how to do it correctly on Discussion Board in Blackboard, it seems as though I should be able to do […]

Declaring my topic for the Cultural Research Project

My Cultural Research Project will be about: Who is she? Valerie Thomas Where is she from and how does her culture differ from yours? She was born in Maryland and is an African-American. What is her technology? Her technology is the invention of a patented illusion transmitter. When did she live? She was born in […]