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RSS Feed  June 10th, 2014

I know it might be a little late, but I like the motto ” better late than never.”  So I added an RSS feed to my blog today.  I can see current technology news and hopefully will receive some extra credit points.

It feels like I’ve accomplished something more in my WGSS 320 Gender and Technology class, yet again.  I used Google News and was able to follow instructions for adding my feed and saving it.  I did name it technology as opposed to “Technology and Gender News”.  I hope that still works.  I think I became a little too excited about my progress without being succinct with the directions.  So I also decided to try to update the name.

And I’m not done recapping the course yet M. VanLonden!  Presently enjoying my first day of vacation in beautiful Central Oregon.  Life is good, albeit busy.

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