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Archives: March, 2023

Presentation for ANTH 478 Research Project March 15th, 2023

How do retirees make tourism choices in consideration of becoming an expatriate?

  • What is the definition of an expatriate?
  • Where do expatriates travel to, stay, and what do they do with their time and with whom?
  • What kitsch/souvenirs do they collect?
  • Does gendering, racism, sexism and/or ageism factor into expatriate tourism?
  • Are they working in a new job or did they arrive as an expatriate from a current or previous work situation?
  • Are cost savings, climate, a current, future or previous study abroad program or politics motivational reasons?
  • What is the average expatriate stay?
  • How do these questions provide insights and reflect upon our course themes?
  • Conclusion and Cite References

Tourism as an expatriate

There are so many questions and possibilities in this subject, but I choose to look at it from a personal perspective, and to focus on how I can use this research as a possibility for tourism and travel in my retirement. The demographics and questions I hope to answer then are where to travel, with whom, why would I choose to be an expatriate and when. In finding perspectives of research from others in the field, it has helped me to see if my expected plans are realistic or a long shot. I am also including an ethnographic vignette from a friend that I interviewed over the phone about her teaching English in China for about five years. Although she is not retirement age and came back to the U.S.A., her information is valuable about living in a country where you are not a citizen from birth.

I love the blog post as a way to keep the history of my schooling and studies always at my fingertips of the past and for future reference. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comment section here or on the week 10 discussion reply.


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