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Archives: May, 2014

Research on my Gender Lens Project May 19th, 2014

I’ve begun to research and analyze a piece of technology, the urinalysis strip test.  Now to blog about it as requested under 7.5 instructions from Week 7 of WGSS 320 Gender and Technology class.

  • Research Success and Problems


(a) I’ve found lots of research sites and materials, all through the OSU Library.  I am always amazed at the resources it has to offer.  It’s fun to investigate and find sources.

(b) made it this far….making the grades.


(a) how to sort through the myriad of pages to find what it is I will write about,  specifically organizing a thoughtful paper in the way it can be done through the Gender Lens perspective.

(b) become technically savvy enough to do better on this project than the Cultural Research Project.  This is my challenge, as I seem to have difficulty at times on Blackboard Learn.  I’m not sure if it is me or the application.  I am having better success using Google Chrome as my browser, but wonder sometimes if Windows 8 or my internet provider/connection is not always optimal.

(c) I’m still feeling like I am getting up to speed on “how to do school again” with pursuing my degree, doing full-time work and this being my third class with Ecampus.

  • Contact with the librarians

I went to the link that Professor Van Londen had included under 2. Ask Other subject librarians, and found more ways to research under the OSU Library.  There are Research Guides with Course/Subject lists.  I found a subject librarian under public health, and it took me to the website Oregon.gov, which I use at work as well.  I found a guideline form which is pertinent to my subject.

  • Saving resources the bibliography tool of your choice

I’m using OneNote 2013.  I’m not sure it is the best tool, but it is part of my computer software package.



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Challenges and Progress May 5th, 2014

It is very late for me to be finding out that I am not able to complete embedded links in my blog without them looking like a mile long http:// URL address. Since I learned how to do it correctly on Discussion Board in Blackboard, it seems as though I should be able to do it here in my Cultural Research Project blog.
Unfortunately I have tried without success for quite a while, and now I must get some sleep and find out tomorrow.

Progress otherwise on my publication seems OK. Feedback from my professor and classmates will tell me if I have done alright.

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