Librarians Can Help

As I continue to research for my Cultural Research Project, I’ve found all kinds of sources for my project. I’ve even found how easy it is to find something once, and then not be able to find that same source again. But fortunately, librarians are there to help. One source of information I found on […]

Declaring my topic for the Cultural Research Project

My Cultural Research Project will be about: Who is she? Valerie Thomas Where is she from and how does her culture differ from yours? She was born in Maryland and is an African-American. What is her technology? Her technology is the invention of a patented illusion transmitter. When did she live? She was born in […]

Week 2: Social Constructions

My initial ideas about this topic for my blog and writing about it are: 1.  It took me a while to figure out how to even get to my blog spot and login, I am learning. 2.  I have now learned to add a new post.  I did also read about settings.  Now I need […]

Writing and Publishing a New Post

A recap of my writing a new post so far, at least I’m in the right spot. The email signature was not too tough, but then I have already had experience with Google mail at work, so just another way to practice for the school email account. I do like listening to web pages with my computer’s […]