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Methods and Tools  May 5th, 2014

On October 21, 1980 Valerie L. Thomas received a patent on an illusion transmitter. (See abstract) Much like how a television transmits images from signals in the air, the illusion transmitter produced 3-D images from a device that displays the illusion of an object, without a laser or by wearing special glasses, like 3-D movies have been using since 1915. The idea for her invention was triggered by an observation at a science fair. She noted how after a light bulb had been turned on and then unscrewed from the lamp, it continued to appear as though it was still there and still lit. She researched optics (concave mirrors to transmit and receive) and the study of light, and figured out how to turn it in to a practical application. Ms. Thomas’ original idea as to how the illusion transmitter could be used was for a TV-type image, which would only need air to appear on. This invention is truly ingenious and technology will bring it to many adventures and to many places as an open area display. (Sullivan, 2002) (Thimmesh, 2000)

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