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Dr. Valerie L. Thomas – inventor of the Illusion Transmitter  April 7th, 2014

In conclusion, Dr. Valerie L. Thomas is 71 years of age and still living in Maryland. Given her life pattern and belief system, she is still involved in mentoring younger black females towards education and career pursuits in the science, technology, engineering and math realms which have now become a major initiative in this country for all students. I give Dr. Thomas credit and honor for living and engaging her skills as an inventor of the Illusion Transmitter, as a big part of LANDSAT(with the processing systems for the first satellite to send images from space to earth- see this video from 3:50 – 4:29 for all it does) and other technology information projects, and as a writer to further the cultural respect for her crafts and pass on her knowledge to all of us. She dared to dream by using her passions in math, science, and technology and it furthered gender and race equity. I find it fitting that I was able to read an e-book on Google Play, instantly downloaded, about Great African American Inventors (Smith, 2012) and find Valerie L. Thomas, inventor of the Illusion Transmitter. She invented a technology that will project an on-screen 3-D image directly into each of our living rooms one of these days. I still find it amazing that I can read about this on a little smart phone in 2014, thanks to pioneering technology folks who dream inventions just like Ms.Thomas did.

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