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Archives: October, 2022

A new look at my blog October 17th, 2022

I am reviewing my blogging life.

I have started a new website for the first time ever to develop an online presence. My hope is to be able to transfer my old blog to this website and continue my work in progress. This most recent class I am taking for OSU is ART 451, and it has reminded me that I need goals! One goal I am seeking is a review of my blogging and incorporating it into this project by seeing if my farsighted dream of using my musical voice is even a possibility. Is it real or imagined?

I have been looking at S.M.A.R.T. goals and this is what I came up with as my initial goal:

  • I would like to use my voice in song as a feminist advocate, as a singer in a choir, or as a substitute teacher in a K-12 classroom. Truth be told, I would go so far as to be a backup singer in a band.
  • Here is the deal. I want to accomplish the joy of music as a way to give musical voice to peaceful protests, spiritual venues, or even entertainment venues, or as a classroom teacher learning with children. My voice is not so great singularly, but I love to sing, especially harmonies.
  • Since I am presently working full-time in administrative support at a public K-12 school and I am 18 or so credits away from graduating with a BA in WGSS/ED, I may have to work seriously on this goal after I retire in 1.5-5 years, or after I graduate, whichever comes first!
  • I will measure progress by being able to connect with an audience in a march, church, bar, concert/theatre or school setting.
  • My skills need to be polished. I have not sung in a choir or taken voice lessons for many years. By connecting with musicians I can get the rust off. My motivation is the love I have of spreading a message through voice, either as a cheerleader/chanter, songstress/singer, or hummer/whistler.
  • By setting this goal now, my seeking another career or life journey in this new medium is underway and relevant.

“I will use my voice in song as a feminist, and vocalist in a group to spread the joy of music in marches/protests, spiritual venues or classrooms for learning opportunities and connections by 2024-2027.”

Robin Lindeen-Blakeley, October 2022
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