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Review of an artist I admire  December 4th, 2022

I met Ari when she was in high school and I was a sponsor for a youth group through my church. At a regional event retreat she was assigned to my group of about 10 teenagers with another adult leader. From this introduction I remember her as a beautiful and caring kid. And yes, she still is as kind and grown as a talented adult about 15 years later.
Through the years our paths have crossed many times through her friendship between our families, but lately, I interviewed her and we caught up at lunch along with her lovely six-year old daughter after not seeing them for a couple of years.
Ari Harris has been involved with teaching for many years and is a singer-songwriter with a repertoire of folk and meditative music. Please give a listen to her on SoundCloud at https://on.soundcloud.com/3nLyg and also to her band at https://on.soundcloud.com/PzPvB
I am watching her confidence and talent grow through the years and am excited to see her living her dream in the Portland area with beautiful music. Looking forward to seeing her at a venue near me soon.

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