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Librarians Can Help  April 24th, 2014

As I continue to research for my Cultural Research Project, I’ve found all kinds of sources for my project. I’ve even found how easy it is to find something once, and then not be able to find that same source again. But fortunately, librarians are there to help.

One source of information I found on my topic during continued resource hunting is on microfiche in the Valley Library. I thought I would have to make a special trip to Corvallis in order to take copies from the microfiche reader, at a price per copy, as it said it could not be checked out of the library. But then, I realized our professor asked us to contact a reference librarian to fill in any specific questions we had. So I thought, maybe I should ask if there was a way that someone could copy the information for me and send it out like the other books and materials that can be checked out of the library and shipped to me directly via FedEx or postal or other shipping service.

As luck would have it, I emailed the Ecampus librarian and hit the jackpot with her response. She said

“You can request them through Interlibrary Loan https://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/ill

If it’s some specific articles, we scan them and mail them to you. If it’s the whole fiche, then we will mail the fiche and you would need to mail it back. You will need a microfiche reader on your end. It sounds like it’s specific articles so we can scan those. You’ll get an email when they are ready. Just follow the link in the email.”

I really appreciate all the resources that are so easily available for Ecampus students through the OSU library. Now I know how the Interlibrary works too. It was an easy form to fill out from the link and I expect an email tomorrow or soon regarding when I should see them at my house or maybe just emailed to me. All of this research helps me understand technology and its uses even better.

From the continued research sources for finding the biographical, cultural, statistical and technological details I’ve used the OSU library databases the most, but have also used EBSCO Women Studies International, Google Scholar, and The Library of Congress Science Reference Services to find most of my materials online. I was also able to use Google Play Store, and Powells.com to order some fairly cheap source material as well.

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