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Research  June 1st, 2014

This new post will address whether the subject of my Gender Lens Project warrants further activism.  I chose the urinalysis test strip for my subject.  My research has found that it is a gender neutral medical product, so I do not believe further activism on that front is necessary.

Marketing is not an issue with this product.  It is widely distributed and known about in the medical community.  The household consumer might be better educated about it and then over the counter retail marketing would be more widespread.

Better recycling options are one area that could warrant further activism.  If the test strips could be made of something other than plastic, like recyclable plastics and the human urine on them could be disposed of so as not to be hazardous, the product would be a candidate for recycling.

There are many manufacturers of this product as well as many levels of specification and design.  With the high amount of emphasis on reuse, reduce and recycle of products for our ecosystems, it will be a matter of time before someone invents or introduces a more ecology-friendly urinalysis test strip that doesn’t go to the landfill.

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