Digital PR Agencies: Why You Might Want To Work For One Or Hire One

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If you’re about to graduate from school or are newly graduated, it’s no secret you either learn to thrive in a web-based economy or get left behind. With that in mind, it’s important for companies to set their sights on attracting a global audience for their brands. No longer will it suffice for a business to limit itself to local sales. 

Says a representative of Digital PR, search engine results, plus a strong web and social media presence matters more now than ever. Via digital marketing and public relations, you can legitimately claim your chunk of the digital environment. That’s where a digital PR agency comes in. 

Fact is, digital PR agencies are replacing the traditional PR agency at a rapid clip, making it a lucrative market for new grads who are not only good at creating smart content, but who also know their way around search engine optimization (SEO). According to a new report by Forbes, we’re living in a new fast-paced world that’s propped up by Gen Zers wishing to make their mark as fast as they can. 

Marketing strategies in the 2020s are no different. Just because a marketing plan worked in the pre-pandemic days doesn’t mean it’s going to work in 2023 or beyond. Most young marketing managers are the first to recognize that your garden variety marketing plan just won’t cut it anymore.  

Defining Digital PR

Says Forbes, the majority of the world is now using the web. This means in order to survive as a business person, you need a healthy and strong digital presence. This is where the relatively new concept of digital publicity or digital PR can assist you with scaling your brand. Doesn’t matter if you’re a professional writer working out of a Starbucks or a clothing drop-shipper working in your home kitchen, you need to think digitally and you need to act globally. 

Digital PR is a tactic and a strategy that can boost a brand online. As a digital PR professional, you will work on a brand’s appearance, connect with journalists and content creators to get news stories published, and that highlight the brand’s leaders and their thinking. 

You would also be working on a company’s SEO strategy which is of the highest priority since every business needs to appear high up in the Google rankings. When people are seeking out the best tradesperson, bar, restaurant, or hotel, they naturally do a Google search.  

How Do You Go About Starting a Digital PR Campaign?

Much like in the traditional publicity world, you need to work an angle that’s newsworthy. You then will write a pitch that will target specific media markets. 

As a businessperson, if you’re overwhelmed with work, and you don’t have time to do the PR on your own, then hiring a digital PR agency professional just might be the solution. 

From a business perspective, when you first attempt to find the right digital PR firm for your company, it can be hard to know where to begin. But here are some tips on finding the right company. 

This information is also valuable to those thinking of entering the digital PR industry since it’s important to know what to look for in a reputable agency. 

Research is Key

You need to research which PR agencies would be a good fit for your particular company’s vision and goals. As a business owner, you need to figure out what audience you want to reach, plus you need to have a good understanding of your brand along with the digital PR strategies you would want to implement. 

For instance, if its your goal to boost your SEO rankings, this will be a key factor in the kind of content a digital PR firm can provide. Plus, it will help them decide where to publish the content. You don’t even want to consider traditional print when it comes to boosting SEO. Traditional newspapers and magazines are so early 2000s. In the 2020s, only digital media will pass muster. 

Maybe you’re looking to scale your company internationally? If that’s the case, you need to make sure the digital PR firm you choose has a good track record of helping clients with digital press coverage on an international scale. 

The future of digital PR lies with the new generation of digital and content savvy young professionals who have lived and thrived with the web their entire lives. As a new business, you need to tap into this talent if your company is going to rise to the top of the search engine lists when people begin to seek you out for their wants and needs. 


Selection of the right type of eCommerce mobile app is crucial to your business growth

E-commerce has become a significant part of the global economy, with more and more businesses turning to online sales platforms to reach their customers. The future of e-commerce looks bright, with predictions of continued growth in the industry. By 2025, it is forecasted that 65% of all purchases will be made through e-commerce. 

The world of e-commerce has grown exponentially in recent years, and it’s no secret that mobile e-commerce is playing a major role in this growth. In fact, mobile e-commerce is projected to make up 72.9% of all e-commerce sales by 2021. This makes it clear that having a mobile e-commerce application is no longer a luxury for businesses, but a necessity.

Advantages of having an e-commerce app today

Advantages of having an e-commerce app today

In order to stay competitive and provide the best customer experience, having a website alone is not enough, businesses need to have a mobile e-commerce application that allows customers to shop on the go and as per their convenience. This highlights the importance of investing in a mobile e-commerce application now to stay ahead of competitors.

Shopping from mobile phones has many advantages. 

  • It allows customers to shop from anywhere at any time.
  • It provides a more convenient and personalized shopping experience.
  • Additionally, mobile e-commerce applications provide businesses with valuable data on customer behavior, which can be used to improve the overall customer experience.
  • It facilitates communication directly with customers and shortens the product supply chain.

The use of mobile applications for e-commerce is particularly prevalent in developing countries, where mobile phone usage is high and access to traditional shopping methods is limited. In these regions, mobile e-commerce applications have the potential to revolutionize the way people shop and do business. Every business is transforming to be mobile friendly, as we analyze the most recent eCommerce trends. Nearly 96% of adults in the USA, and 86% in Europe own a mobile phone.

Data of top countries by percentage of smartphone users

In comparison to 2019, the number of smartphone users in India in 2020 increased from 345.9m to 439.42M. Smartphone users in 2021 and 2022 reached 606.57M and 800M respectively.

2019 Rankings

Stats Source: Wikipedia

2021 Rankings

About Apponward e-commerce Solution

At Apponward, we understand the importance of having a mobile e-commerce application for your business. We offer customized and flexible solutions for different e-commerce businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Our team of experts will work with you to create a mobile e-commerce application that meets the unique needs of your business and provides the best possible customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your e-commerce business succeed.


  • It is a single-vendor application tailor-made for small-scale businesses looking to establish an online presence and reach a wider customer base.
  • It offers ease of use, making it simple for small business owners to set up and manage their online stores.
  • It provides flexibility, allowing businesses to customize their online store to match their brand and products.
  • It offers a cost-efficient way for small businesses to establish an online presence without the need for a large investment.
  • These applications are also ready to market, meaning that businesses can start selling their products online almost immediately.
  • Lastly, it is a managed service, which means that businesses can rely on our expertise for application maintenance, feature upgrades, devOps, support etc.

Platforms we offer

  • UI/UX click dummy (presentable to investors)
  • iOS eCommerce Mobile Application
  • Android eCommerce Mobile Application
  • Admin Portals

Popular eCommerce categories and related stats

Fashion, Grocery, and Beauty & Health

The eCommerce market has tremendous potential and is expanding. In 2020, the value of the worldwide eCommerce for Fashion, Grocery, and Beauty & Health reached $606B, 185.4B, and 341.10B respectively. The growing popularity of social media and the trend toward online shopping both support these industries. The estimated market value for the three categories is estimated to reach $8016B, 2160.7B, and 560.50B respectively by 2023.

Check the stats below for more information:

Fashion, Grocery and Beauty & Health Market Stats


According to a report by the IMARC Group, over 40% of pet owners buy things online. It creates a lucrative eCommerce niche for business owners. Pet owners frequently buy items like pet food, snacks, and toys, and this trend doesn’t appear to be changing.


Sports and Fitness

One of the major e-commerce niches is the fitness industry. For the most astute e-business owners, it is evergreen, reliable, and profitable. You can make money by selling different kinds of fitness gear online.

Sports and Fitness Stats

Electronics and Appliances

One of the business strategies you can use to succeed in the market and generate significant income is selling electronics and appliances. The amount spent on consumer electronics has increased in recent years and  is estimated to grow by 4.9% by 2028. Many shoppers view electronic devices as essentials and are eager to use new technology as soon as it becomes available.

Electronics and Appliances Stats

Features of eCommerce mobile apps designed by Apponward 

  • Product Management: Allows vendors to list products and add all related details like product description, quantity available, category, and images. You can also delete a product or turn its visibility off.
Product Management Demo Image
Add Product Demo Image
  • Category Management: Lets vendors divide a product into categories and further into sub-categories. For example, you can add a product to the category footwear and then further add it to a sub-category of shoes.
Category Management Image
  • Notification Management: This enables the app to send image push notifications to the users.
Notification Management Image
  • Product Search: Allows the users to look for a product using relevant keywords.
Product search
Product listing
  • Checkout: Includes features like different payment modes like COD, Pay through wallet, Debit/ Credit card, etc. 
  • Review and rating: Users of the app can add reviews and rate a product or a service.
  • Push Notifications: Users will receive notifications every time they add a product to the cart, delivery status, fresh products arrival, special offers and discounts, sale arrival, etc.
Push notifications
  • Query and Complaints: Users can also file a complaint or add a vendor/ product-related query.


With Apponward’s comprehensive and revolutionary iOS & android app development services, businesses can get unique eCommerce mobile applications that cater to customers’ diverse demands and needs and create a distinctive marketplace that helps them take their businesses to the next level.


Benefits of a Successful Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Due to its simplicity of configuration and ability to interface with other apps, Salesforce CPQ Training can be a smooth and efficient procedure. You can make the most of your system and build the foundation for a successful adoption by doing a little bit of advance planning.

This transformation process requires a thorough grasp of corporate operations, employee experiences, and the customer journey. As customers, you can create brand loyalty, develop, and continuously experiment more while also better understanding the people who are most important to you. Let’s talk about the procedures for a successful Salesforce implementation and its advantages in this article.

What is Salesforce CPQ inventory management?

Usually,Guest Posting customer relationship management (CRM) software handles all customer details. Then it is of the organization in one location. Salesforce is a global customer management software market pioneer. Besides, these in their words have been.

Salesforce CPQ Tutorial specifically designs to give the organization greater simplicity, integration, productivity, and visibility. With our PaaS (Platform as a Service), we deliver CRM software as a service as a cloud storage provider. salesforce online training.

Inventory Management of Salesforce

For areas where you can store inventory. Besides, these include warehouses, establish field service locations. Thus, you can keep track of all your stock and prevent stock-out situations. Set up your inventory settings, such as user permissions and page templates. Then build product items to check where you store inventory. To check the necessary parts for your service provider. Then add needed goods to job forms, work orders, and work order line items.

Create line items for goods to consume. So you can keep track of the inventory items’ usage or use.

You will need to build a fresh product request. When your stock gets low and attach them to your relevant orders. Then you may use line products, locations, and accounts. You’ll need to build an inventory transfer item to check the movement. Then it is from one storage location to another to meet a new product order. You will need to construct shipments for storing the necessary transportation details. Then it is to check the movement of goods. Thus, it is between your warehouse and other storage locations. You’ll need to build return orders inside the system. Then it is to check return products easily.

Give trust to clients in Salesforce

They also express their faith that you will be able to produce those goods effectively. Then according to requirements any time a client spends time and money in placing an order. It will prevent you from having to produce impossible product combinations. This is by ensuring your sales reps have a detailed, up-to-minute snapshot of your inventory. Salesforce CPQ guarantees that the warehouse is in a position to reliably. Then on time fulfill quotes for complicated goods as customers customize orders. As a result, there is an improvement in customer satisfaction. Then a smoother operating organization that offers fast and efficient turnarounds. Thus, you can notice the improvements.

Staying related in Salesforce

After you place an order, concerns which frequently arise. This is about contracts, permits, or special orders. Besides, it may delay efficiency in warehouses. Salesforce CPQ utilizes the cloud from the front office to the back office. This is to connect every channel with authentic information. Besides, also has user-friendly order information in real-time. Enabled by Lightning, you would be able to access all critical information. This is instantly from anywhere in the world. This is from right on your smartphone or tablet. Besides, confirms significant information, this removes the need to waste time exchanging. It also manages messages and chases voicemails. In the meantime, you will welcome a decline in order defects. Then it leads to higher customer loyalty and a happy sales force.

To handle warehouse logistics and delivery options better. Besides, you can also use Salesforce CPQ. For instance, many warehouses use hundreds of options for shipping and freight. Besides, also manages juggling many contracts, preferences, and expectations. With CPQ, based on a wealth of data, you can present the best choice. This is for each partner’s price, weight, destination, volume, discounts, etc.

Too much of a good thing in Salesforce

Storing surplus inventory is one of the most popular choices. Besides, these are the most costly, challenges facing warehouses. Excess inventory drains scarce money. Besides, it is to take up valuable space, which adversely affects the bottom line. The inability to recognize suitable product replacement options is another common inventory problem. On an order that could pull up in as an alternative, getting rid of older inventory and rising sales. You could have items that follow the same requirements. 


Top tips to improve your academic essay writing

As a student, you might not believe this, but an essay can say a lot of things about you. And anyone who reads your essay is sure to learn at least a few things about you. Academic essay is extremely important in college admissions. The content of your essay is important but more than that is the way you write it. Academic essay writing can be a huge burden for some students. Instead of taking it all on yourself, it would be helpful if you take assistance from Express Proofreading, which offers a premium proofreading service.

Everyone knows how to write an essay, but we all know that some essays are better than rest. But how is that? How do some essays stand out to us, while others don’t? If you want to wow your readers, here are some academic essay-writing tips for you.

  • Prepare your material

Before you start writing, you need to lay the groundwork. And this initial work will form a strong base to build your essay on. Start with your topic. Ask yourself “What do I know about this topic?” Do research! Go online and gather everything you can regarding the assigned topic. Once you have enough material go through all the gathered points. Select which points you want to keep in your essay and eliminate the rest. It is better if you eliminate some weaker points, which you gathered during your research. It is likely to make your essay stronger. 

  • Grammar and Punctuation

Bad grammar and punctuation are a big red flag. It can make your essay look immature and even fail to communicate your point. It is mandatory to have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation. Most students find it difficult and if you are one of them, better take assistance from someone. You can also use editing and proofreading services available online.

  • Improve your Vocabulary

It is impertinent to expand your vocabulary if you want to put out excellent academic essays. You should also minimize the use of filler words. They unnecessarily add to the length of your essay and end up making it boring. 

  • Add structure to your essay

Make sure your essay has a strong beginning, a body, and a conclusion. The opening should set the backdrop of your topic. Use it to introduce your reader to your topic. Your body should have all the main points which directly relate to your topic. And the conclusion should be such that it brings everything together.

  • Maintain a constant flow of ideas

While working on the body make sure there are no abrupt ends. Your essay body should maintain a constant flow of thought. The writing should be such that all points should have a close connection and gently lead the reader from one point to another.

  • Strong beginning

The beginning is a vital part of your essay. The first few lines will determine how interested the reader is in your essay. He can choose to continue but he can also choose to not. Don’t start with something generic. Use some unique openings to set a strong opening. To begin with, you can use contextual quotations or some creative hook line.

  • Have a solid conclusion

When it concludes, you don’t need to do much. Your conclusion should include all the points mentioned in your essay but concisely. A conclusion is a simple way to give your reader a clear idea of what has been discussed so far.

  • Proofreading

Once you have completed your essay, read it a couple of times. Edit out things that feel are not pertinent to your essay topic. You can also use any editing or proofreading services. In the end, you need to ensure that your essay has as minimum errors as possible.

Follow these tips and you are sure to produce a better academic essay the next time. It would also boost your confidence if you go through some academic essays.


FitPeo – Patient-Centric and Holistically Connected Care Platform

(Introducing FitPeo, the patient-centric platform that aims to provide consultations and healthcare monitoring remotely.)

The COVID pandemic has been an eye-opener for the world in many ways. During the pandemic, with restrictions on movement and lockdowns imposed all over, remote healthcare monitoring became a normal phenomenon. People looked for remote health care, quick healthcare monitoring, treatment, and consultations in times of need.

FitPeo aims to offer all these services using the latest technology, even when the pandemic is gone, and the world returns to normalcy.

It’s a health platform that offers remote patient monitoring using advanced technology. FitPeo currently serves over 1,000 patients and provides various services, such as chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth.

FitPeo’s flexible remote monitoring system aims to reach out to patients at the point of need. It is undoubtedly the future of healthcare, offering a gamut of services. Whether it is about scheduling or automating patient encounters, guiding, educating, connecting, intervening, and monitoring—FitPeo does it all!

Depending on the patients’ needs, FitPeo sends a kit with a blood pressure monitor, weight machine, and oximeter. Glucometers are also available to patients who have Diabetes. These medical devices connect to the mobile app and that data is stored and sent to the provider. Tracking the patient’s blood pressure, or weight can lead them to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

FitPeo focuses on the patient with this platform and makes it easy for them to get the care they need. They can get consultations with their doctor effortlessly in the mobile app. Anywhere a patient can access their phone, they can access healthcare with a click of a button. If a patient urgently needs to see a doctor, all they have to do is use the mobile app to do a video consultation. The patient does not need to drive to see their doctor or wait hours in a waiting room. FitPeo makes it easy to get care immediately. 

The Process of Monitoring:

The process begins with connecting with the patient through Tablets or Mobile devices. The next step is to engage the patient through captivating programs and various monitoring approaches. The following steps are related to educating and guiding the patient with relevant information—finally, monitoring and alerting the patient with the help of biometrics and activities. The data gathered is tracked in a chart so that the doctor and patient have access to it. This data can prevent medical emergencies and also gives the patient or provider vital information to make better decisions. 

How FitPeo aims to help:

FitPeo hopes to bring a change in the healthcare system with increased patient retention. They want to help doctors so that the time it takes to start such a program is reduced and patients get the best healthcare possible.

With such remote patient monitoring in place, patients will not have to move to meet the doctor physically. This helps reduce medical emergencies as treatment will be available quickly. FitPeo also hopes to ensure that the patients have a smooth experience during the entire process. They endeavor to ensure that their system is user-friendly and easy to use for all patients.

That is not all—FitPeo is unique and different from other providers. It offers transitional care management and behavioral health integration—a service that is not easily available in the present times.

To find out more, please visit:

About FitPeo:

FitPeo is an online healthcare platform offering patients remote healthcare and monitoring services. It uses the latest and modern technology to assist patients.

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Candice Sharma -CMO,  Prabhat Sharma -CEO, Prashant Sharma-COO

Name of company: FitPeo

Phone: +1 (610) 634-8736


 FitPeo Website
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 FitPeo Instagram
 FitPeo YouTube



How WordPress Is Used In Education

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WordPress in education has become increasingly popular over the years as a tool to create dynamic, interactive websites and blogs. From elementary schools to universities, WordPress can be used in various ways to help educators and students create engaging content, collaborate on projects, and facilitate online learning. WordPress is also a valuable tool for creating digital portfolios, allowing students to showcase their work and track their academic progress easily. Additionally, WordPress can create websites for school and university departments and host events, classes, and conferences, making it a versatile and powerful tool for educational use. What else? Let’s dive in!

Is WordPress Good for Students?

WordPress is an excellent choice for students. It is a user-friendly platform allowing users to create and manage content efficiently. WordPress is fast and secure, making it an excellent choice for online learning. Additionally, WordPress offers a wide array of plugins and themes that can be used to customize a learning website and make it more interactive. WordPress also has a vibrant community of users and developers who are always willing to help.

WordPress is also great for students looking to create a portfolio, blog, or website. With a few clicks, students can design a professional-looking website with custom features and graphics. WordPress allows students to easily create content such as videos, audio files, and surveys. These features make WordPress perfect for students who need to develop and share their work quickly.

Using WordPress can help students save time and money. There are plenty of free and paid themes and plugins available, which can help students save money on web hosting. WordPress is also straightforward, allowing students to quickly create and manage content without coding knowledge.

Overall, WordPress is an excellent choice for students. Like professional writing companies like FastEssay, WP is easy to use, cost-effective and allows students to create and manage content quickly.  

Best Education WordPress Theme

The best free WordPress themes for educational websites are easy to use, visually appealing, and tailored with educational website features. Some popular options include Education Zone, Education Hub, and Education Park. These themes come with various features, such as custom page layouts, influential drag-and-drop page builders, and integration with popular learning management systems.

Some great options are available for those looking for the best themes for WordPress education sites with a site builder. Themes such as Education Boostbuilderscation Master and Education Core are all tailored for educational websites and come with influential site builders such as Elementor, SiteOrigin, and WPBakery. These themes allow users to easily create custom layouts and pages with a few clicks. Additionally, they come with various features such as WooCommerce integration, custom widgets, and support for popular plugins.

Best WordPress Education Plugins

The best WordPress education plugins provide websites with powerful tools to help them create, manage, and optimize educational content. They can help you create interactive courses, manage user registrations, and track student progress. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for education that can help you get started:

LearnDash: LearnDash is a comprehensive LMS plugin that allows you to create and manage online courses. With LearnDash, you can easily create, organize, and manage courses, lessons, and quizzes. The plugin offers advanced features such as drip-feed content, course prerequisites, earned certificates, and detailed usage reports.

WP Courseware: WP Courseware is a powerful plugin that lets you create and manage online courses. You can easily create and manage courses, lessons, tests, and quizzes with just a few clicks. WP Courseware also includes features such as drip-feed content, course prerequisites, earned certificates, and user reports.

Sensei: Sensei is a popular LMS plugin that allows you to create and manage online courses. With Sensei, you can easily create, organize, and manage courses, lessons, tests, and quizzes. The plugin also includes features such as course prerequisites, earned certificates, and user reports.

WP Quiz: WP Quiz is a powerful plugin that lets you create and manage quizzes and surveys. You can easily create, organize, and manage quizzes and surveys with just a few clicks. The plugin also includes grading, leaderboards, and customizable quiz styles.

WP Gradebook: WP Gradebook is a comprehensive grading plugin that allows you to grade student assessments quickly. It includes grade-book management, student tracking, and customizable reports. With WP Gradebook, you can easily track student progress and manage grades in one place.

These are some of the best WordPress education plugins available. Each plugin has its own unique features and advantages, so be sure to research before selecting the one that best fits your educational needs.

WordPress for Education Site

  1. WordPress is an incredibly versatile content management system (CMS) and can be used to create various websites, including educational sites. With the right plugins and themes, WordPress can create a powerful and user-friendly educational site.
  2. WordPress makes it easy to create a visually appealing and engaging website, as several themes and plugins are available for users to customize their site. Themes can give your site a professional look and feel, while plugins allow you to add interactive elements such as quizzes, forums, and more. WordPress also has a wide range of plugins and themes designed explicitly for educational sites, making it easy to create an educational website with WordPress.
  3. WordPress also has some tools available for creating and managing content. These include a visual editor, making it easy to create and format posts and pages, and a built-in media library allowing users to upload and manage images and videos. WordPress also offers a range of SEO (search engine optimization) tools, making it easy to ensure that your educational site is properly indexed and ranked by search engines.
  4. Finally, WordPress is highly extensible, meaning it can be used to create a range of different types of educational sites. From simple sites with primary content to complex, interactive learning management systems (LMS), WordPress can be used to create a variety of educational sites.

In short, WordPress is an ideal choice for creating an educational site. It offers a range of tools for creating and managing content, as well as a wide range of themes and plugins specifically designed for educational sites. It is also highly extensible, making it easy to create a range of different types of educational sites.


How do I choose a cat scratching post?

Cat scratching posts provide an alternative to furniture and belongings that your cat regularly abuses or uses for entertainment. Do cats instinctively know how to use a scratching post? The need to climb, scratch, and conserve energy are products of feline evolution, and thus cats are naturally attracted towards climbable objects, safe spaces, and surfaces they can use to sharpen their claws. When choosing a scratching post, you must take all these factors into consideration. 

Getting your cat to use a scratching post requires proper placement, bait placement, and a reward system. One must also discourage furniture scratching. 

The question is, how do I choose a cat scratching post? Below is everything you need to know.

Find the perfect cat scratching post here. 

Are cat scratching posts good for cats?

Cat scratching posts or towers are not novelty items. Investing in one or many -is beneficial in that (1) your cat will have a comfortable position to sit and play -that is -away from furniture or items that cat hair sticks to. (2) cat scratching posts strengthen your cat’s muscles, making it a better climber and improving the cat’s ability to navigate complex environments. (3) for energetic cats, scratching posts and towers are an avenue to spend built-up energy, reducing the risk of damaging items. 

Healthwise, scratching posts help cats relieve anxiety, and posts and towers can be a great congregation point for your cats if you have multiple.

What type of cat scratching post is best for cats?

It depends on your intention. If the purpose is to provide an alternative to furniture your cat loves to scratch, you may invest in a standard scratching post. It provides your cat with the necessities. That is a place to scratch, play, climb, or perch.

We recommend multi-level or cat-scratching trees because they provide much more than standard posts. Cat towers and multi-level scratching posts have tiny condos your cat will spend hours in. The multiple levels are perfect for climbing, and the minimalist designs mean cat towers do not take up too much unnecessary space. 

Do indoor cats need scratching posts?

Indoor and outdoor cats require scratching posts. Why?

As mentioned, scratching posts are great avenues for stress and anxiety relief in felines. Another benefit of scratching and why cats do it so often is that the action removes the outer layer of the cat’s claws. That makes it easier for the cat to climb and hunt. 

Why do indoor and outdoor cats need scratching posts?

  • Territorial behavior/instinct. When introduced to a new environment, animals, including cats, carve out their territory. Scratching leaves the cat’s scent on the surface of items to act as a warning for other cats, and the cat can use its own scent to find its way home.  Because of that, if you do not provide a scratching post, your cat will likely find other items to scratch. 
  • Stretching and better health. Stretching, according to research, cause the release of feel-good hormones and can thus improve your cat’s mood. If you have an anxious cat, a cat tower or scratching tower can be a good place for the feline to hide and play.
  • Grooming. Once fed, cats spend a significant amount of time grooming themselves. Scratching helps remove dirt, debris, and the outer layer of the claws.
  • Muscle building. Climbing walls, trees, or other surfaces requires strength and endurance. Cat towers and scratching posts help the cat build muscle.

Why do cats scratch scratching posts so aggressively?

Play, excitement, and to mark their territory. Just like us, cats are emotional beings, and thus their mood changes often. Consequently, it is normal for cats to scratch and bite scratching posts or your favorite sofa.  

How do I choose a cat scratching post?

According to research and observation, your cat’s preferred scratching surfaces include (1) a post covered with rough sisal or material of similar qualities. (2) corrugated cardboard -which could be attached to a cat tower or placed horizontally on the floor. (3) wooden surfaces and carpeting -providing the reason cats love scratching furniture.

It is worth noting that cats consider natural or synthetic leather as great fun because their clause can easily sink into the material.

That raises the question:

Why does my cat scratch everything but the scratching post?

The reason your cat may not be using a scratching post is you are yet to provide an incentive or make the item attractive to the cat. Like us, cats build patterns and preferences, meaning when you introduce a new item to the home, one must build up the cat’s curiosity and interest in the item. 

In short. If your cat has a preferred scratching sofa or item, you must start by discouraging the behavior. The question is how?

Place the scratching post in your cat’s preferred location/highway.

Does your cat love sitting or resting by the window? Does it have a favorite chair or preferred route around the home? 

Cats usually use scratching polls before or after a nap. Consequently, it is recommended that you locate a scratching surface near a position the cat loves sleeping or napping in. It could be by the window or another prominent location that the cat can see and has access to. 

How many scratching posts should a cat have?

If you have multiple cats, you may avoid confrontations by investing in one scratching post per cat.  

Where is the best place to put a cat scratching post?

Away from furniture, items of value, or delicate items. Why?

When excited, playing, or using scratching posts, cats may cause collateral damage to nearby items. Consequently, you want to position a scratching post away from the TV, and glassware. 


  • Place cat scratchers or towers near entrances, windows, or the cat’s preferred route through the home.
  • You may place a scratching post against your cat’s favorite scratching area. This forces the cat to use the item instead of furniture or another item. 
  • Multilevel cat scratching posts or towers offer multiple scratching locations. If your cat is territorial or does not like to share, consider purchasing scratching posts for all of them.
  • If you use food bait, make sure that there is enough for everyone, that way you can avoid fighting.

The surface should be even.

Cat towers take a lot of abuse. Consequently, if you place one on uneven or slopping surface, the possibility of injury or damage increases. Ideally, you want to invest in a cat tower that has a solid foundation, is sturdy, and is easy to move.

If the item wobbles or is a hazard, you may find it difficult to get the cat to use it.

What kind of scratching post should I get my cat?

When choosing a scratching post, experts recommend that you go for the following features:

  • Variety of surfaces and materials. Your cat’s preferred scratching material or surface can change at any time. Consequently, you should consider investing in cat scratchers that feature attractive surfaces or materials. A combination of sisal rope, sisal fabric, carpet, corrugated cardboard, and wood is adequate. 
  • Height and sturdiness. Cats prefer elevated locations because it makes them feel safe from predators, and it brings them closer to birds and or other small animals. Because of that, go for cat scratchers that have height, and sturdiness. You want a scratching post or surface that (1) has enough room for the cat to stretch its body. (2) does not require crouching. Meaning as your cat grows, it may require larger scratching posts. You also have the option of buying adult scratching posts for kittens.  
  • Surfaces. Vertical and horizontal surfaces may provide resting areas for the cat, and they can make stretching and scratching easier. 

How to make a cat use a scratching post.

To build interest in scratching posts, experts recommend that you do the following.

Bait the cat

Does your cat have a favorite towel, bedding item, or an item that has its scent? You may position the item near or on the scratching post.

 Alternative methods include:

  • Use catnip. Research suggests that catnip does not present any danger to adult cats and kittens. You may thus use it as bait. Catnip may not work on kittens. 
  • Smelly food/feed your cat near the scratching post. Fishes including sardine, tuna, and mackerel work best. 
  • Kittens. Placing kittens near the tower baits or lures the mother to the area. 

Use a toy or encourage play in the area.

Do you have a hangout point in your home for you and your cat? If so, use play as a training tool for the cat. To that end, one must:

  • Provide toys that the felines like. Some scratching posts feature mouse-like toys. You may rub the toy with your cat’s scent. You may also play with it to create curiosity. We recommend playing with the cat daily.
  • Avoid the use of force. Training takes time, and it can be frustrating if the cat takes too much time to learn. So be patient and avoid punishing the cat.

Tip: cats love suspended or rotating toys, such as the ones featured in this item.

What if baiting does not work?

If play and bait do not work, you may consider using cat pheromones. Pheromone diffusers, wipes, or sprays help lure and calm cats. You may apply a pheromone of choice on a cat tower or scratcher.

What to remember:

  • Cat pheromones work on kittens and adult cats.
  • You may use cat pheromones with other medications.
  • Pheromones may help cats manage fear and anxiety.
Make your furniture less attractive

Kittens and adult cats dislike aluminum foil, sticky tape, sand paper, or surfaces that are difficult to stick their claws in. 

To discourage a cat from using your furniture or other items as a scratching post, you may cover the item in said items.

You may also cover the items with smells that cats dislike. Examples include mint, citrus, lavender, pepper, and so on.  

Are cat scratchers with condos and perches worth it?

Cats dislike open spaces because they feel more vulnerable to predators. Cat condos and cat scratchers that feature condos mimic cats’ preferred resting areas in the wild. That is a defendable small space. 

Items, including your TV, vacuum cleaner, and so on, can scare cats, and having a go-to safe space in the house can discourage the cat from seeking safety outdoors. 

What is the best angle for cat scratchers?

Cats have different stretching needs at different times of the day.  Consequently, your cat may require vertical, horizontal, or sloping angles. The best option is to invest in multilevel scratchers that offer all options. 

Summary: how do I choose a scratching post?

Summed up. Choosing the right scratching post for your cat entails:

  • Choosing the right scratching surface or material.
  • The item should provide vertical, angled, and horizontal scratching options, depending on the cat’s preference.
  • Cat scratchers should be sturdy and tall, and may feature safe spaces for the cat to sleep or rest. 

There is a wide selection of cat scratchers that have all the mentioned features. Get your loyal Companion one here.


Lifestyle & Location: The Best Real Estate Options in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah has become a prime location for luxury real estate in recent years. The area offers stunning waterfront villas, houses, and apartments in Palm Jumeirah in 2023. Nowadays, Palm Jumeirah continues to offer an impressive selection of high-end properties for sale in Dubai that cater to a luxurious lifestyle.

Brief Description of the Area

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island built in the shape of a palm tree. It is one of the largest man-made islands in the world and offers spectacular views of the Persian Gulf. The island is home to several world-class resorts, shopping malls, and restaurants, making it a popular tourist destination. The area is also known for its luxurious real estate options.

Different Properties for Sale in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah offers a diverse range of real estate options, including villas, houses, and apartments for sale in Dubai. These properties vary in size, price, and style, ensuring that there is something to suit every taste and budget. The apartments in Palm Jumeirah offer stunning views of the sea and the city skyline. They come with top-of-the-line amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and concierge services, making them perfect for those who want to live in luxury.

Houses and villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah are equally impressive, offering spacious living areas, private pools, and stunning sea views. These properties are ideal for families or those who prefer a more private and secluded lifestyle. The villas and houses in Palm Jumeirah are built to the highest standards, ensuring that they provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious living experience.

Off-Plan Projects in Dubai

In addition to the existing real estate options, there are also several properties for sale off the plan in Dubai that offer excellent investment opportunities. Off-plan projects are properties that are still under construction and buying them early can result in significant profits once the construction is complete. The off-plan projects in Palm Jumeirah are built by reputable developers and come with high-end amenities, making them a smart investment choice.

Profitability of Investment in Real Estate on Dubai’s Island

Investing in real estate in Palm Jumeirah can be highly profitable due to the island’s popularity and reputation. The area has a high demand for luxury properties, and the prices of real estate are expected to continue to rise in the coming years. Properties in Palm Jumeirah are also highly sought after by tourists, making them an excellent investment for those who want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis.

How Real Estate Agency in Dubai Can Help You?

Working with a reputable real estate agency such as can make the process of buying real estate more straightforward and less stressful. Real estate agencies have an in-depth understanding of the market and can provide you with expert advice on the best properties to invest in. They also have access to a vast selection of properties, both on and off-plan, which can save you time and effort in your property search.

A real estate agency in Dubai can also help you with the legal process of buying property, ensuring that all the necessary documents and procedures are followed correctly. This can be particularly beneficial for foreign investors who may not be familiar with the local laws and regulations. Overall, investing in real estate in Palm Jumeirah, as well as in Dubai in general, can be highly profitable, especially with the help of a reputable real estate agency that can provide you with expert advice and guidance.


HSIA Bras – Complete Guide to Choice Fit Bra

HSIA bras are designed with comfort in mind, using soft, breathable fabrics that conform to your body. The straps are also adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect fit.

They also have a complete guide to choice fit bras, so you can find the best fit for you. Learn how to measure your bust, what to look for in a cup size and more.


The comfort offered by HSIA bras is one of their greatest selling points, as they are designed with soft, breathable fabrics and adjustable straps. This makes them an excellent choice for women who are looking for a sports bra that will keep them comfortable during their workouts.

The support provided by these bras is also very important, as they are designed to reduce bounce and prevent sagging. This helps you to focus on your performance, which is essential for achieving your fitness goals.

There are several types of HSIA bras to choose from, including T-shirt bras, strapless bras, racerback bras, compression bras and encapsulation bras. Each style is designed to suit different needs, so take your time to find the right bra for you.

The most important factors to consider when choosing an HSIA bra are comfort, fit and style. Make sure you try on different styles to find the right fit and look for features that will keep you feeling confident and comfortable during your workouts.


There are many types of bras out there, and choosing the right one for your needs can be confusing. However, you can trust HSIA to provide comfortable and supportive bras for women of all sizes.

HSIA bras offer a variety of styles, including strapless and racerback bras. They also offer compression, encapsulation and convertible bras that are ideal for high-impact activities.

They are also known for their minimizing bras, which are ideal for women who have shirts that gap at the front. These are especially helpful if you’re pregnant or have had a mastectomy. They’re a great option for everyday wear, too.


HSIA bras are designed to offer you the support you need in a variety of ways. They have a range of styles and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your body and your needs.

They have an excellent selection of t-shirt bras that are made with fabulous four-way stretch fabrics that offer a seamless silhouette and adjustable straps for ultimate support. They also have wireless bras and lace bras that provide a touch of sexiness to your outfit.

Their bras are pressure-relief adjustable, especially for those with heavier breasts that can cause straps to dig into your shoulders. They also have a wide back strap and U-shaped leotard back to prevent unattractive back rolls and keep your straps from slipping.

Choosing the right bra for your size is crucial to looking your best. Tracy Freno, a Senior Manager of Customer Service at Bare Necessities, recommends following these basic steps to ensure that you get the right fit every time:


HSIA bras offer value for money, with a great range of styles and colors. They also have a wide selection of size options, so you can always find the perfect fit.

These bras are made of breathable, soft fabric that provides support and comfort without causing you to overheat. They also feature angled and vertical seams to provide support and lift, and adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit.

The company’s sizing system is based on both band and cup sizes, which means you can be confident that your bra will fit perfectly. They also offer a variety of styles, including sports bras and plunge bras.

The brand is known for their minimizing bras, which are designed to reduce bust volume while enhancing your shape. This is especially useful for women with larger boobs who don’t want bulky padding, but still need a little extra support.


Top Home Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Photo by Amin Hasani on Unsplash

When it comes to home maintenance, most of us know the basics: mow the lawn, clean the windows, and paint the walls. But there are many other home services out there that you may not be aware of. From energy-efficient upgrades to help with pest control, these services can help make your home more comfortable, efficient, and safe. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top home services you didn’t know you needed.

A Good Cleaning Service

A good home cleaning service is an invaluable part of keeping your home clean and tidy. Not only does it help to get rid of dirt, dust and grime, but it can also provide much-needed repairs and maintenance. A reputable cleaning service should be able to take care of any of your home’s needs, including appliance repair, window washing, carpet cleaning, floor waxing, and more. 

Lawn Care and Landscaping

A beautiful lawn and garden can not only make your home look great but can also increase its value.  Lawn care includes everything from mowing, trimming, and edging to aeration and dethatching. Landscaping can involve anything from planting shrubs, trees, and flowers to installing walkways, patios, and water features. Having a professional handle your lawn care and landscaping needs is the best way to get the results you want.

A Snow Removal Service

Snowfall can be a beautiful and majestic experience, but it can also create a lot of work for homeowners. When winter hits, you have to make sure that your sidewalks, driveways, and other outdoor areas are safe and accessible. The benefits of having a snow removal service on hand include not only preventing your outdoor spaces from being covered in snow and ice but also providing appliance repair in case the equipment malfunctions. 

A Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping is a great service to look into if you don’t have the time to keep your home clean and organized. They can do the basic cleaning of your home, such as mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture, and tidying up. They can also help you with more specific tasks, such as appliance repair or reorganizing your storage closets. If you’re looking for a deep clean of your home, housekeeping services can help with that too. 

A Maid Service

Having a maid service can be incredibly beneficial for keeping your home clean and tidy. A maid service is a reliable, professional cleaning service that will clean all parts of your home from the kitchen, to the bathrooms, to the bedrooms, and even the living room. Most maid services will also provide extra services such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, polishing furniture, and more. With a quality maid service, you can rest assured that your home will be kept spic and span. 

Pest Control

Having a pest problem can be one of the most frustrating experiences for homeowners. Not only can pests be unsightly and potentially harmful, they can also wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing, electrical, and other appliances. Pest control services can help you protect your home by inspecting the property, providing treatments, and regularly inspecting for signs of pest activity. Professional exterminators can provide safe treatments that will help keep your home pest-free.