FitPeo – Patient-Centric and Holistically Connected Care Platform

(Introducing FitPeo, the patient-centric platform that aims to provide consultations and healthcare monitoring remotely.)

The COVID pandemic has been an eye-opener for the world in many ways. During the pandemic, with restrictions on movement and lockdowns imposed all over, remote healthcare monitoring became a normal phenomenon. People looked for remote health care, quick healthcare monitoring, treatment, and consultations in times of need.

FitPeo aims to offer all these services using the latest technology, even when the pandemic is gone, and the world returns to normalcy.

It’s a health platform that offers remote patient monitoring using advanced technology. FitPeo currently serves over 1,000 patients and provides various services, such as chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth.

FitPeo’s flexible remote monitoring system aims to reach out to patients at the point of need. It is undoubtedly the future of healthcare, offering a gamut of services. Whether it is about scheduling or automating patient encounters, guiding, educating, connecting, intervening, and monitoring—FitPeo does it all!

Depending on the patients’ needs, FitPeo sends a kit with a blood pressure monitor, weight machine, and oximeter. Glucometers are also available to patients who have Diabetes. These medical devices connect to the mobile app and that data is stored and sent to the provider. Tracking the patient’s blood pressure, or weight can lead them to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

FitPeo focuses on the patient with this platform and makes it easy for them to get the care they need. They can get consultations with their doctor effortlessly in the mobile app. Anywhere a patient can access their phone, they can access healthcare with a click of a button. If a patient urgently needs to see a doctor, all they have to do is use the mobile app to do a video consultation. The patient does not need to drive to see their doctor or wait hours in a waiting room. FitPeo makes it easy to get care immediately. 

The Process of Monitoring:

The process begins with connecting with the patient through Tablets or Mobile devices. The next step is to engage the patient through captivating programs and various monitoring approaches. The following steps are related to educating and guiding the patient with relevant information—finally, monitoring and alerting the patient with the help of biometrics and activities. The data gathered is tracked in a chart so that the doctor and patient have access to it. This data can prevent medical emergencies and also gives the patient or provider vital information to make better decisions. 

How FitPeo aims to help:

FitPeo hopes to bring a change in the healthcare system with increased patient retention. They want to help doctors so that the time it takes to start such a program is reduced and patients get the best healthcare possible.

With such remote patient monitoring in place, patients will not have to move to meet the doctor physically. This helps reduce medical emergencies as treatment will be available quickly. FitPeo also hopes to ensure that the patients have a smooth experience during the entire process. They endeavor to ensure that their system is user-friendly and easy to use for all patients.

That is not all—FitPeo is unique and different from other providers. It offers transitional care management and behavioral health integration—a service that is not easily available in the present times.

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About FitPeo:

FitPeo is an online healthcare platform offering patients remote healthcare and monitoring services. It uses the latest and modern technology to assist patients.

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