Top tips to improve your academic essay writing

As a student, you might not believe this, but an essay can say a lot of things about you. And anyone who reads your essay is sure to learn at least a few things about you. Academic essay is extremely important in college admissions. The content of your essay is important but more than that is the way you write it. Academic essay writing can be a huge burden for some students. Instead of taking it all on yourself, it would be helpful if you take assistance from Express Proofreading, which offers a premium proofreading service.

Everyone knows how to write an essay, but we all know that some essays are better than rest. But how is that? How do some essays stand out to us, while others don’t? If you want to wow your readers, here are some academic essay-writing tips for you.

  • Prepare your material

Before you start writing, you need to lay the groundwork. And this initial work will form a strong base to build your essay on. Start with your topic. Ask yourself “What do I know about this topic?” Do research! Go online and gather everything you can regarding the assigned topic. Once you have enough material go through all the gathered points. Select which points you want to keep in your essay and eliminate the rest. It is better if you eliminate some weaker points, which you gathered during your research. It is likely to make your essay stronger. 

  • Grammar and Punctuation

Bad grammar and punctuation are a big red flag. It can make your essay look immature and even fail to communicate your point. It is mandatory to have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation. Most students find it difficult and if you are one of them, better take assistance from someone. You can also use editing and proofreading services available online.

  • Improve your Vocabulary

It is impertinent to expand your vocabulary if you want to put out excellent academic essays. You should also minimize the use of filler words. They unnecessarily add to the length of your essay and end up making it boring. 

  • Add structure to your essay

Make sure your essay has a strong beginning, a body, and a conclusion. The opening should set the backdrop of your topic. Use it to introduce your reader to your topic. Your body should have all the main points which directly relate to your topic. And the conclusion should be such that it brings everything together.

  • Maintain a constant flow of ideas

While working on the body make sure there are no abrupt ends. Your essay body should maintain a constant flow of thought. The writing should be such that all points should have a close connection and gently lead the reader from one point to another.

  • Strong beginning

The beginning is a vital part of your essay. The first few lines will determine how interested the reader is in your essay. He can choose to continue but he can also choose to not. Don’t start with something generic. Use some unique openings to set a strong opening. To begin with, you can use contextual quotations or some creative hook line.

  • Have a solid conclusion

When it concludes, you don’t need to do much. Your conclusion should include all the points mentioned in your essay but concisely. A conclusion is a simple way to give your reader a clear idea of what has been discussed so far.

  • Proofreading

Once you have completed your essay, read it a couple of times. Edit out things that feel are not pertinent to your essay topic. You can also use any editing or proofreading services. In the end, you need to ensure that your essay has as minimum errors as possible.

Follow these tips and you are sure to produce a better academic essay the next time. It would also boost your confidence if you go through some academic essays.

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