fw312-silhouetteRecently, we added 24 new birds to this “silhouette shape recognition” interactive for FW312.
This was the 3rd time we expanded this interactive tool, and it serves as a nice reminder that Ecampus can continue to help improve your course materials year after year.

In 2013 we created a series of labeling tools (1 2 3), family classification tools (5 6 7 8 9), and a beak memory game for this class. Each of those projects remains exactly as we left them, but the silhouette shape recognition tool has been revisited and improved on three different occasions.

How do these minor updates work? Well, the tool was created in such a way that the process is very simple and fast :

  • the instructor or TA can just use Google image search to find the exact birds they want,
  • they email us a list containing a couple dozen links to these google images.
  • We then draw a detailed cartoon based on each link,
  • and finally we then add them all into the Flash project.

The whole process takes about a week, and we’re happy to offer this sort of update service whenever we’re asked.

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