Gradient is currently recruiting talented and qualified individuals to join their team, including environmental engineers, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, toxicologists, geologists, and database specialists. For more information about Gradient, see its Careers Overview document.

Thank you for your interest in a career at Gradient. We are currently actively recruiting and encourage you to review the list of openings in our Cambridge or Seattle locations that we are looking to fill today.


Excellent opportunity for a biostatistician who can apply relevant skills in biostatistics, statistics, and mathematics to toxicology- and epidemiology-related projects.  Excellent analytic and critical thinking, writing, and communication skills are required.  Must have the ability to organize and work with large datasets, and should be able to express complex statistical concepts and technical information to researchers and non-scientific audiences.  Master’s/PhD degree in biostatistics, statistics, mathematics or a related field of study with at least one year of coursework in statistics or biostatistics required.  Coursework or experience in the areas of toxicology, epidemiology, or environmental sciences is a plus.


Focus on environmental and human health risk assessment issues by performing epidemiology, toxicology, and statistical analyses for interesting, science-based evaluations. Candidate enjoys technically-challenging work for projects that involve regulatory comment, litigation support, product safety assessments, and human health risk assessment. Position requires a Ph.D. in epidemiology, environmental health, toxicology, or a related field as well as strong organizational and written communication skills. Applicants must have strong statistical skills and the ability to critically evaluate epidemiology data. Prior consulting experience and knowledge of environmental regulations, air modeling, and other exposure assessment techniques is a plus.

Transport Modeler

Seeking highly skilled and motivated individuals with a background in hydrology/fluid mechanics and modeling the transport of chemicals, sediment, or multiple fluid phases.  Successful candidates will have strong programming capabilities and experience with flow/transport modeling in either groundwater, surface water, or atmospheric environments.  Preference will be given to individuals with strong problem solving and critical thinking skills, and who know how and when to apply both analytical techniques as well as numerical schemes.  Excellent communication skills are required.

Environmental Engineer/Scientist

Seeking motivated, independent individuals with expertise in environmental engineering, environmental chemistry, and/or the geosciences for challenging technical work. Requires demonstrated experience with fate and transport modeling, highly critical and creative data analysis, development of risk-based remediation strategies, remedy design/oversight, federal/state environmental regulations, and/or environmental forensics. Excellent communication and quantitative skills are required.


Seeking a motivated, independent geologist with a multidisciplinary background in structural geology, rock mechanics, or seismology, with a strong emphasis on the role of fluids in geological processes. Requires demonstrated modeling experience with highly critical and creative data analysis skills.  Additional experience with geohazard analysis, induced seismicity, hydraulic fracturing, and/or federal/state environmental regulations is desirable.  Excellent communication skills are required. Masters or PhD preferred.

Database Specialist

Seeking highly qualified, motivated data scientists.  Must be able to apply relevant skills in database design and management, programming, and/or data visualization to a diverse range of environmental project settings.  Excellent communication skills are required. Position requires a degree in engineering, natural sciences, or related field.  Previous relevant experience is a plus.  Expertise and experience with environmental data and database systems (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Access).  Expertise with relational databases such as EQuIS and/or ArcSDE preferred.  Programming and/or coding experience (e.g., Python, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Django, JavaScript) a plus.

Toxicologist/Risk Assessor

Seeking motivated, independent thinkers to assist colleagues and clients by applying knowledge of toxicology, human health risk assessment and/or epidemiology. Project work involves interesting science-based evaluations and includes projects such as litigation support, regulatory comment, and site-specific human health risk assessment. Strong communication and organizational skills are required. The position requires an M.S./Ph.D. in toxicology or related field. Knowledge of environmental regulations, statistics, databases, and prior consulting experience are a plus.

Senior Toxicologist/Risk Assessor

Seeking driven, high energy individual to assist colleagues and clients by applying knowledge of toxicology and human health risk assessment. Project work will include litigation support, regulatory comment, product safety assessments, and site-specific human health risk assessment. Position requires M.S./Ph.D. in toxicology, environmental health, or related field. Candidates must have excellent writing and quantitative skills, and the ability to work independently in a challenging and fast-paced work environment. Requires at least two years prior consulting experience, including managing projects with multiple staff. Strong statistical and data management experience are a plus.

GIS Scientist

Seeking motivated GIS scientist with experience in environmental data.  Must be able to apply relevant skills in GIS and relational database design and management, spatial analysis, programming, and/or data visualization to a diverse range of environmental project settings.  This position requires a degree in engineering, natural sciences, or a related field, and several years of relevant experience, as well as programming experience (e.g., MATLAB, Python, R).  The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and strong data visualization skills.  Experience with web based (e.g. ArcGIS Server) and/or mobile based (e.g. ESRI Collector) GIS application development is a plus.

Environmental Air Modeling Scientist/Engineer

Excellent opportunity for experienced scientist or engineer with strong air modeling capabilities. Candidates should be proficient with industry standard air models, and be capable of applying them creatively to a wide range of environmental project work: source emission characterization, environmental forensics, air dispersion, multi-media risk assessment, toxic torts, accidental releases, vapor intrusion/indoor air, and air permitting. The ideal candidate will also possess a multi-disciplinary skill set with demonstrated abilities in one or more of the following areas: environmental site assessment, data analysis tools (including statistics), site remediation, and the ability to model chemical fate & transport in other media. Position requires a Masters or Doctorate degree in a relevant engineering or scientific discipline; 2-3+ years consulting experience; working knowledge of industry standard air models such as AERMOD, CALPUFF, MOVES, and AERSCREEN; and an understanding of CAA and other relevant regulations a plus.  Candidates must have excellent writing and oral communication skills, as well as exceptional quantitative skills.

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