Jobs at the Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) in the California Department of Public Health

EHIB is a dynamic working environment with many programs working to improve environmental  public health through surveillance, epidemiological research, exposure assessment,  education, and outreach.

We will be looking for candidates over the next few months for positions like:

  • Research Scientist I and II
  • Research Scientist Supervisor
  • Health Program Specialist

However, you will need to go through a process to make sure you are eligible for state positions a few months BEFORE you can apply for a specific job. So start now!

But it’s pretty painless:

  • Fill out forms that mimic your CV on and submit.
  • Then you will receive notification that you need to fill out a self-evaluation to determine your ranking.
  • Once you submit that, you will learn if you qualify and can apply for specific job classifications with CDPH.

More details are listed in the CDPH pamphlet attached.


Also, we take many fellows from various programs including:

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