writing6The WIC Faculty Seminar for the 2015-2016 school year will be held in the winter, instead of the fall. Faculty interested in participating should ask their unit heads to email a nomination to WIC director Vicki Tolar Burton at vicki.tolarburton@oregonstate.edu.

The seminar, for both faculty teaching WIC courses and faculty using writing in non-WIC courses, focuses on learning best practices for teaching writing across the disciplines. Upon completing the five-session seminar, participating faculty receive a modest honorarium. Held on five consecutive Tuesdays, seminar dates are listed below:

  • January 19
  • January 26
  • February 2
  • February 9
  • February 16

*All seminars are conducted 3-5pm, Milam 215.

Registration is now open and will continue through fall term.

writing6By Jacob Day, WIC GTA

The WIC program and staff would like to congratulation the participants of the 2014 WIC Fall Seminar. After five weeks together of discussions, collaborative learning, and lecture, we are now proud to have these faculty members as part of the WIC community.

This year’s seminar followed in last year’s footsteps as many members were again interested in the intersection of WIC and teaching online courses. The growing interest in online teaching continues to gain traction as one of the hottest topics nationwide as many colleges and universities, Oregon State included, expand their online course offerings and incorporate digital elements into their classrooms and curricula. As such, the fall seminar participants were filled with questions, suggestions, and debate regarding the topic. Through considering how key elements of a WIC course, such as writing to learn activities, peer review, and instructor response could be utilized in an online realm, participants sparked a dialog likely to continue throughout future
WIC events and across the greater WIC and University communities.

It was a privilege and pleasure sharing the learning space of the WIC Fall Seminar. This year’s participants were:

  • Scarlett Arbuckle (Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Kathryn Becker Blease (Psychology)
  • Robert Figueroa (Philosophy)
  • Marie Franzosa (Mathematics)
  • Julianne Freeman (Anthropology)
  • Alison Hurst (Sociology)
  • Veronica Irvin (Public Health)
  • Brianne Kothari (Human Development and Family Sciences Cascades)
  • Christina Leon (English)
  • Aaron Lewis (Business)
  • Joy Lile (Human Development and Family Sciences)
  • Alina Padilla-Miller (New Media)
  • Ehren Pflugfelder (Writing)
  • Linda Richards (History)
  • Lisa Seales (Natural Resources Cascades)
  • Rebecca Sweet (Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Allen Thompson (Philosophy)
  • Karen Volmar (Public Health)
  • Megan Ward (English)

We were excited to work with you and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.