By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

This issue of Teaching with Writing gives you a chance to meet Dr. Kate Field, one of OSU’s most experienced and thoughtful WIC instructors; to explore genres of written communication in the OSU Open Source Lab, guided by WIC intern Amanda Kelner, who works for the OSL; to review “take-aways” from the WIC spring lunch panels; and to celebrate the undergraduate recipients of the WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the disciplines. This is also a time for me to thank the hardworking faculty who have taught WIC courses this year. Read more.

On Writing in Microbiology: An Interview with Dr. Kate Field

By Aleah Hobbs, OSU English Major

For an assignment in WR420/520 Writing Across the Curriculum, OSU junior English major Aleah Hobbs interviewed Dr. Kate Field, Director of the BioResource Research program, Director of OSU’s Bioenergy Project, and professor of writing intensive courses in microbiology, about how she teaches students to write in the field of microbiology. Read more.

Writing’s New Frontier: Give and “Git” in the Open Source Lab

By Amanda Kelner, WIC Intern

Oregon State is home to the nationally renowned Open Source Lab (OSL), which is grounded in open source technology and projects. We wanted to know more about how writing and documentation played out in the open source world. Our WIC intern, Amanda Kelner, who is also the staff writer and media coordinator for the OSL, sat down with Director Lance Albertson to learn more. Read more.

Take-Aways from WIC Spring Lunch Seminars 2017

By Claire Roth, WIC GTA

The WIC Team is happy to report on the success of our WIC Spring Lunch Series 2017. Over the course of four weeks, the presentations and conversations facilitated in Milam 215 served as both proof and enrichment of the writing culture across Oregon State campus. Attendees included everyone from tenured faculty to graduate teaching assistants. The varied spectrum of experience led to rich discussions on writing pedagogies. Read more.

2017 WIC Culture of Writing Awards: Celebrating Writing in the Disciplines

By WIC Team 

WIC and participating units strive to foster a commitment to excellence in undergraduate student writing and recognize the value of writing across the disciplines with the annual Culture of Writing Awards. Participation in the Culture of Writing Awards has thrived since 2006 as students earn recognition and cash awards through either individual or team writing projects. This year, participation continues to be strong. WIC would like to thank all participating units for their continued desire to recognize and reward outstanding student writing. Read more.

Call for Nominations: Fall 2017 WIC Faculty Seminar

By WIC Team 

The WIC Faculty Seminar for the 2017-2018 school year will be held in fall term. Faculty interested in participating should ask their unit heads to email a nomination to WIC director Vicki Tolar Burton at The seminar is designed for faculty teaching WIC courses and faculty using writing in non-WIC courses, as it focuses on learning best practices for teaching writing across the disciplines. Upon completing the five-session seminar, participating faculty receive a modest honorarium. Read more.