The WIC Team is excited to announce our 2023 Spring Lunch Series. All workshops will be held remotely via Zoom, and you can find links to register below.

Here are this year’s spring events:

How to Give Supportive and Effective Feedback on Writing

Friday, April 14 (OSU Week 2), 12:00-1:00 pm

In this lunchtime conversation, Dr. Patti Sakurai (Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies) will talk about how she guides students through the process of drafting and revising written work in a WIC class. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience teaching at OSU, she will share how she teaches students about creating rhetorically effective drafts, and how she uses supportive feedback to help them revise. There will be plenty of time for questions and for a group conversation about how to apply her strategies and insights in other classes and disciplines.

Led by Patti Sakurai (Ethnic Studies)

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Applying WIC Principles: A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion by Faculty New to WIC

Friday, April 21 (OSU Week 3), 12:00-1:00 pm

During this lunchtime conversation, a panel of faculty new to teaching WIC classes will talk about how they have been applying WIC principles in their classes. They will share what’s working for them, the challenges they face, and how their courses continue to evolve. After the panelists talk about their classes, there will be time for others to join the conversation by asking questions and by sharing their own experiences applying WIC principles to their teaching.

Led by Bori Csillag (Business), Philip McFadden (Biochemistry & Biophysics), Kim Rogers (Kinesiology), Vaughn Robison (Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Sciences), and Alexander Ulbrich (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)

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WandaVision and the Trauma-Informed Classroom

Friday, May 12 (OSU Week 6), 12:00-1:00 pm

What can the Marvel universe teach us about trauma and how to reach our students? WandaVision is a television series based on Marvel’s Scarlet Witch. I watched the series the first time for entertainment, but I kept thinking about how it is the perfect exploration and representation of the power of grief and trauma. In this talk, we will explore the trauma-informed classroom and demonstrate how educators can embed lessons from superheroes into their curriculum that can help with student retention and engagement. We will create a menu of options that are based on your classroom needs, demographic, and discipline.

Led by Sydney Elliott (English, Tillamook Bay CC)

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