By: The WIC Team

WIC and participating units strive to foster a commitment to excellence in undergraduate student writing and recognize the value of writing across the disciplines with the annual WIC Culture of Writing Awards.

Participation in the Culture of Writing Awards has thrived since 2006 as students earn recognition and cash awards for either individual or team writing projects. This year, 28 awards were granted across 6 colleges. WIC would like to thank all participating units for their continued desire to recognize and reward outstanding student writing in the disciplines.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Student Name(s)Paper TitleCollegeNominating MajorNominating Professor
Samantha Bleu AmadorToxicity Screening of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial CellsAgricultural SciencesBioResource ResearchKatharine Field
Shea FleetwoodSoil Fire Ecology: Assessing Wildfire Severity Impacts on Pacific Northwest Forest Soil CarbonAgricultural SciencesBioResource ResearchKatharine Field
Morgan SmithEthical keeping of pet cats: a comparison of indoor confinement vs. outdoor accessAgricultural SciencesAnimal SciencesGiovanna Rosenlicht
Jessica XuDoes the implementation of a national highway toll in China generate net benefits or costs to society?Agricultural SciencesEnvironmental Economics and PolicyChristian Langpap
Chantel BergerHydrodynamics and Mooring Team ReportEngineeringMIMEBryson Robertson
Claire JohnstonDesalination Design ProposalEngineeringCivil EngineeringBryson Robertson
Samantha Arroyo Villanueva Design Impact Assessment EngineeringElectrical & Computer EngineeringRachael Cate
Griffin PulsMy Connection to “The Mitchell Woods”ForestryForest EngineeringJon Souder
Colleen Cooper, Brady Goracke, and Erin HoganValue Affirmation For Pre-Teenagers: Counteracting The Effects Of Stereotype Threat On Academic Performance In Middle SchoolersLiberal ArtsPsychologyMei-Ching Lien
Kelly CriglowClovis: A Cultural Revolution across a ContinentLiberal ArtsAnthropologyBryan Tilt
Kevin FosterThe Impact of Housing First on Homeless Housing and Mental Health OutcomesLiberal ArtsEconomicsPaul Thompson
Kaylee GrahamThe Rhetorical Situation of Climate ChangeLiberal ArtsSpeech CommunicationTrischa Goodnow
Robert HarrisAfrofuturism: A New Lens for Contemporary MusicLiberal ArtsMusicKimary Fick
Courtney HuntThe Expression Which is ReligionLiberal ArtsReligious StudiesAmy Koehlinger
Madeline KaspariIrgendwo in der Welt: Heimat aus der Flüchtlingsperspektive im Film Nirgendwo in Afrika.
(Somewhere in the World: The Refugee Perspective of Home in the Film Nowhere in Africa)
Liberal ArtsGermanAdela Hall
Darlene Nguyen’Come Home With Us’: An Analysis of Race in Lee Isaac Chung’s MinariLiberal ArtsEthnic StudiesPatti Sakurai
Josie O’HarrowBrilliant InterdependenceLiberal ArtsPhilosophyStephanie Jenkins
James PhillipsBarriers of Food Security: How Knowledge and Stigma May Impact Food Security Program UtilizationLiberal ArtsSociologyAllison Hurst and Mark Edwards
Kaj PorterHow to Catch a ToadLiberal ArtsEnglishLucia Stone
Robert SwartThe Supreme Court, The Civil Rights Cases, and Judicially Sanctioned Racial Discrimination in Post-Civil War AmericaLiberal ArtsHistoryStacey Smith
Ratna BhupalamYouth Vaping Epidemic: LGBTQ+ Youth PHHSPublic Heath–Health Promotion & Health Behavior OptionAshley Vaughn
Mike MurphyBeating the curve: insulin sensitization in response to exercisePHHSKinesiologyJen Beamer
Bailey BennettEffect of Oxytocin on Separation Anxiety in DogsScienceIntegrative BiologyMeta Landys
Cameron ClonchMeasuring Bubble Pressure in Glacier IceSciencePhysicsHeidi Schellman
Carlo A. Schettini MejiaPhysical Parameter Determination for HCl/DCl from Fourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyScienceChemistryChristine Pastorek, Chong Fang, and Kyriakos C. Stylianou
Maxwell SiebersmaThe Geometry of the Penrose Diagram for Minkowski SpacetimeScienceMathematicsTevian Dray
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