by the WIC Team

WIC and participating units strive to foster a commitment to excellence in undergraduate student writing and recognize the value of writing across the disciplines with the annual WIC Culture of Writing Awards in the disciplines.

Participation in the Culture of Writing Awards has thrived since 2006 as students earn recognition and cash awards through either individual or team writing projects. This year, participation continued to be strong, even with the obstacles of the present quarter. WIC would like to thank all participating units for their continued desire to recognize and reward outstanding student writing.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Student namePaper TitleCollege | Unit | Nominating Professor
Ryan WellsAlternative Approach for Soil Sterilization in Strawberry Rootstock and Fruit ProductionsAgricultural Sciences | Agricultural Sciences | Lauren LaGrande
Emily BradleyHousing Chickens: How Much Space is Enough?Agricultural Sciences | Animal Sciences | Giovanna Rosenlicht & Claudia Ingham
Celine HuynhImpact of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Barrier Function Toxicity in 3D Lung Model from Normal and Asthmatic Donor CellsAgricultural Sciences | BioResource Research | Katharine Field
Michael SielerThe Gut Microbiome Drives Benzo[a]pyrene’s Impact on Zebrafish Behavioral DevelopmentAgricultural Sciences | BioResource Research | Katharine Field
Monica Vickers
Benefits and costs of payments for environmental services in Morogoro, Tanzania
Agricultural Sciences | Environmental Economics and Policy | Jennifer Alix-Garcia
Katrina OngReshaping Conventional Agriculture with Regenerative AgricultureAgricultural Sciences | Sustainability | Deanna Lloyd
Tristen MyersBald Hill Mapping Project ReportCEOAS | Environmental Sciences | Mary Santelmann & Larry Becker
Andres MendozaFrom Cocoa to Crude Oil: The Troubled Export Economy of EcuadorCEOAS | Geography & Geospatial Science | Larry Becker
Jia Yi LiResearch Implications Report for ECE Senior Design Capstone ProjectEngineering | Electrical & Computer Engineering | Rachael Cate & Donald Heer
Sean JimHeavy-Payload Agriculture Drone: Imaging/ControlEngineering | Mechanical Engineering | John Parmigiani
Karla AguileraBless Me Ultima: The Soul of the Chicano MovementLiberal Arts | American Studies | Neil Browne
Logan E. McCarthyRituals of RecoveryLiberal Arts | Anthropology | Julianne Freeman
Leslie D RoweDeepfake Detection and Education Key to Defending the TruthLiberal Arts | Digital Communication Arts | Alina Padilla-Miller
Rebekah VillantiDefining the Novel by Conventions of Realism and FictionalityLiberal Arts | English | Megan Ward
Helena FournierGenocide in Ukraine: The Holodomor in Archival Documents, Witness Testimony, and Contemporary DebateLiberal Arts | History | Katherine Hubler
Taylor HulettGermaine Tailleferre: Love, Marriage, Infidelity, and Art SongLiberal Arts | Music | Kimary Fick
Jordan FoosTyranny of the Herd: Nietzsche and Mill on IndividualityLiberal Arts | Philosophy | Robert Figueroa
Diego RodriguezA Culturally Specific, Multi-Component Suicide Prevention Program for Adolescent American Indians on ReservationsLiberal Arts | Psychology | Chris Sanchez
Joshua DudleyThe Impact of Religious Affiliation and Race on Perceptions of Everyday DiscriminationLiberal Arts | Sociology | Mark Edwards
Erin ZurbruggAn Unexpected Journey: Finding Joy in Life’s CurveballsPublic Health and Human Sciences | Human Development and Family Sciences | Karen Hooker
Jynx FrederickBenton County Condom Distribution ProgramPublic Health and Human Sciences | Health Promotion & Health Behavior | Kari-Lyn K. Sakuma
Jessica C. BrownSynthesis and Characterization of Zeolite 5AScience | Chemistry | Kyriakos C. Stylianou, Chong Fang, & Christine Pastorek
Emily DozlerMedical research’s silent sufferers: Reasons to reduce animal testingScience | Integrative Biology | Meta Landys
Richard PuroEquilibria of Wolves and Elk in YosemiteScience | Math | Yevgeniy Kochegov
Jacob Van de LindtModeling the Fusion Reaction in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Reactor with the Particle-in-Cell MethodScience | Physics | Ethan Minot
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