by Anita Helle, Interim WIC Director

I am passing along an additional resource for OSU WIC faculty as you migrate to teaching WIC courses online in response to OSU directives on COVID-19.  The information below is posted on the Writing Across the Curriculum National Clearinghouse ( 

On March 8th,  the leadership of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE— met to discuss how GSOLE might help faculty who teach writing and are faced with  emergency migration to online writing instruction at many universities. While OSU’s Canvas IT offers excellent support and guidance for migration to online instruction, you may find yourself with emerging questions that require quick responses in a pinch. (For example, I just found an answer at the “Just Ask GSOLE” link on how to toggle between Canvas display of instructional slides and Zoom-based lectures).

Scott Warnock, President of the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators has posted the following links targeted to teachers of writing across disciplines. I have previewed these links. I offer these with the caveat that, as Warnock reminds us, transition to any new instructional modality compels thoughtful planning. The project is ongoing and evolving, and is likely to morph in coming weeks.  The intention of these resources is to provide our WIC faculty an additional resource in a pinch. 

  • The Just In Time Hub is a gateway to various resources, including those below as well as excellent written materials to help you think through course conversion/migration; we’ll be updating with other materials on the fly: 
  • Just Ask GSOLE provides a direct link to discussion forums moderated by GSOLE online writing/literacy instruction experts who can answer your specific questions: 
  • Walk-In Webinars is a direct link to live Zoom sessions hosted by GSOLE members; the schedule of facilitators is listed there along with specific topics: 

If you have questions, please direct them to You can also follow GSOLE on twitter @gsoleducators for updates on GSOLE’s efforts to assist university response to COVID-19 and visit the general website at for other material and information. 

In addition to these resources, any questions about moving WIC-specific writing assignments online can be directed to the WIC Team through WIC GTA, Marisa Yerace, at We are always happy to collaborate with you on your WIC Courses.

  –Anita Helle/Interim WIC Director

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