by Regan Breeden, WIC Intern

The WIC program and staff would like to congratulate the 16 faculty participants of the Fall 2019 WIC Seminar.

Top row, from left: Nadine Orozco, Paul Hughes, David Kerr, Angelika Buchanan, Kristen Macuga, Maddy Bean, Kate Shay, Ana-Maria d’Ernesti, Scott Ables, Matthew Fuller (WIC Intern)

Lower row, from left: Kim Townsend, Mary Smallman, Andrea Allen, Natasha Mallette, Vicki Tolar Burton, Betsey Miller, Alex Werndli (WIC Intern), Regan Breeden (WIC Intern)

Not pictured: Chris Stout, Kelly Chandler, Marisa Yerace (WIC GTA)

Over the course of five weeks, participants in the 2019 Fall Seminar explored pedagogical nuances of WIC through their engagement with numerous informal writing-to-learn exercises. These included write-and-pass, looping, a change-three-things exercise, and more. 

Building on faculty interest in peer review of WIC assignments, the seminar focused in on varied approaches for responding to student writing, including strategies for administering feedback for Ecampus students. Participants also reviewed assignments for each other and discussed ways to guide students through the drafting process.

At seminar’s end, faculty evaluated the seminar as effective and full of wisdom and useful information instructors might not otherwise learn; one faculty member said the best part was “hearing from other participants in the course as well as the formal presentation. It was a good balance of both.”

It was a pleasure and privilege sharing the learning space of the WIC Fall Seminar. This year’s participants were:

Scott Ables, History

Andrea Allen, Atmospheric Sciences, Geography

Maddy Bean, Health Promotion and Health Behavior

Angelika Buchanan, Management 

Kelly Chandler, Human Development and Family Sciences 

Ana-Maria d’Ernesti, World Languages and Cultures 

Paul Hughes, Food Science and Technology

David Kerr, Psychology

Kristen Macuga, Psychology

Natasha Mallette, Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

Betsey Miller, Horticulture

Nadine Orozco, Wood Science and Engineering

Kate Shay, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Mary Smallman, Animal and Rangeland Sciences

Christopher Stout, Political Science

Kim Townsend, Sustainability 

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