Pre/Views: Your WIC To-Do List

By Vicki Tolar Burton, WIC Director

It’s late in the term. Let’s cut to the chase. Here is your WIC To-Do List:

  • Save the date! Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 1:30-5 pm, for “25 Years of Writing Intensive Learning: A Showcase of Teaching Innovation,” a mini-conference celebrating WIC’s 25th anniversary. Our keynoter is international Writing in the Disciplines scholar, Dr. Terry Myers Zawacki, Professor Emerita, George Mason University.
  • Propose a ten-minute presentation for the mini-conference sharing your own WIC teaching innovations. Information here.
  • Make sure your unit nominates an undergraduate writer for the WIC Culture of Writing Award in your discipline.
  • Brush up on your WIC techniques by reading our selection of the “Best Articles from Teaching with Writing,” 1991 to the present. If you only have time for one, read “Responding to Student Papers: Responses to Avoid and Productive Advice to Give.” This research-based article by then graduate student Jessica Mosher has been republished in other venues more than any other Teaching with Writing article.
  • Sign up for WIC Spring Lunch Seminars on topics including reflective writing to develop professional identity, transfer of learning from WR II courses to WIC, teaching WIC online, and writing processes and locations.
  • Be a WIC Wonk: Check out “WIC’s History by the Numbers” to chart the growth of WIC courses and the stats on faculty who teach them.
  • Grab some ideas on revising your writing assignments from a review of the WIC Winter Workshop, “Improve Your Writing Assignments in Real Time—Five Easy Steps.”

Happy Spring Break! See you at the April/May lunches and the May 21 WIC Celebration.

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