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WIC and participating units strive to foster a commitment to excellence in undergraduate student writing and recognize the value of writing across the disciplines with the annual Culture of Writing Awards.

Participation in the Culture of Writing Awards has thrived since 2006 as students earn recognition and cash awards through either individual or team writing projects. This year, participation continues to be strong. WIC would like to thank all participating units for their continued desire to recognize and reward outstanding student writing.

Congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Student Name Paper Title College/Unit Nominating Professor
Zoe Kilmer Unprecedented Retreat of Columbia Glacier Relative to the Last Millennium BioResource Research Kate G. Field
Jacob Parsons Our Bumblebees Are Disappearing: the Neonicotinoid Connection Crop and Soil Science Jennifer Parke
Rachel Zmolek Exploring In-home Therapies to Increase Physical Activity for Children with Cerebral Palsy Kinesiology Jessica Hamm
Patrick Thomas Flynn Undecidability for Higher Dimensional Knots Mathematics Clayton Petsche
Mady Liu The Effects of Antibacterial Soap on Human Health Microbiology Jeneva Anderson
Aiden Koll Who Supports the Legalization of Marijuana? The Impact of Liberalism and Age on Attitudes Surrounding Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Sociology Kelsy Kretschmer
Kendal Schwabrow Ethical Concerns of Animal Experimentation Animal Sciences Giovanna Rosenlicht
Brock Kocyan, Cody Cowdin, David Stitch Project Summary: Smart Solar Disconnect Electrical and Computer Engineering Rachael Cate
Ashley Price Goodness and Failure Defining Humanity English Jennifer Richter
Aneesa Field A New Outlook to an Ongoing Debate: Affirmative Action through the Lens of Asian Americans History Marisa Chappell
Tania Mendez, Caroline Brown Malheur on the Move Human Development and Family Sciences Lori A. McGraw
Allison Daley The Paradox of Facebook: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Social Support Online and Face-to-Face Psychology Frank Bernieri
Jeremy Meinke Single-Molecule Analysis of a Novel Kinesin Motor Protein Physics Janet Tate
Ethan Palioca Effect of Magnetic Field and Magnetite Nanoparticle on Power Production of Microbial Fuel Cells Bioenergy Kate G. Field
Makenzie Ellet Project Proposal: Multi-Use Facility Construction Engineering Management Joe Fradella
Amy Wyman Individual Design Report: Coast Guard Base for Galveston, Texas Civil Engineering Shane Brown
Caitlyn Douglas “Girl Power”: A look at Eighteenth-Century Feminism in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro Music Performance Kimary Fick
Hannah Larue A Multi-Level Intervention Program for Breast Cancer Self-Screenings and  Mammography Use in Native Alaskan Women Public Health Sheryl Thorburn
William Young The Effects of UV Irradiation on the Biosorption of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles to Heterotrophic Biomass Honors College Jeffrey Nason
Claire McMorris Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97 Honors College Michael Jones
Christopher Bahro Vibrational-Rotational Spectoscopey of HCl/DCl Gas Chemistry Chong Fang
Jordan Coelho A Culture-independent Approach to Studying the Effects of Solarization on Soil Microbial Communities Using PRC and Illumina MiSeq Microbiology Walt Ream

Awardees in Bio Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering are not published at the request of the nominating faculty.

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