By Kristina Lum, (MA 2016, SWLF) WIC GTA

The WIC program and staff would like to congratulate the 13 faculty participants of the 2016 WIC Winter Seminar. We are pleased to have these members of the WIC community committed to seeking professional development in the teaching of writing across the disciplines.

This year’s seminar reflected growing interest in how to create support for student writing development over the course of the students’ college career. Faculty were filled with suggestions regarding better ways to support and integrate writing into courses, which included the role of GTAs in WIC courses. These discussions revealed a possible need for GTA training/support so that GTAs involved in teaching or assisting with WIC classes are familiar with the key elements of a WIC course, such as writing-to-learn activities, peer review, and instructor feedback to guide revision. In doing so, participants contributed to a dialogue that is likely to influence future WIC events and the larger university teaching communities.

In evaluating the seminar, participants noted that they enjoyed the interdisciplinary collaboration. One seminar member saw this collaboration as a point of creative inspiration for their own curriculum design:

“It was good to see how people from different departments approach challenges. The solutions they implement have helped me think more deeply about how to make my own class better.”

It was a privilege and pleasure sharing the learning space of the WIC Winter Seminar. This year’s participants were:

  • Jeneva Anderson (Microbiology and BioHealth Sciences)
  • Kim Gratz (Civil and Construction Engineering)
  • Kelsy Kretschmer (Sociology)
  • Kevin McGrath (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Cynthia Mojica (School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences)
  • Ryan Mueller (Microbiology and BioHealth Sciences)
  • Andrea Myhre (Human Development and Family Sciences)
  • Monica Olvera (Human Development and Family Sciences)
  • Doug Reese (Fisheries and Wildlife)
  • Kim Rogers (Kinesiology)
  • Aimee Snyder (School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences)
  • Jason Tanenbaum (Political Science)
  • Paul Thompson (Economics)

We were excited to work with you and look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

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