Term 2: Starting with a sprint!

This week we worked as a group towards getting started with developing with our sprint. Our group met once this previous weekend, and twice this week with the most previous meeting being our stand up meeting which helped prepare for our next meeting this Monday. Our stand up meeting allowed us to quickly go over what he needed to for this week for the sprint. The first stand up meeting went well in my perspective, and I am starting to see how these stand up meetings will help our team moving forward. So far our main hold up and focus point is the design. We agreed that that it should be discussed and the first designs should approved by the team for the implementation to go smooth. This will be helpful as it will be efficient to deal with allow ample time to discuss specific design considerations before the first version is created. Being a developer for this sprint I was also tasked with getting familiar with the surrounding technology such as git for version management, css, and liquid formatting moving forwards. Github will be the git service we will use for working together on the theme version. For the webpage theme designs we are collaborating and sharing documents from lucid chars free website service for prototyping. This type of graphical prototyping system has been great to work with as we are able to mimic the colors for the upcoming design from the previous design sets, giving us a realistic view on what we will be constructing soon. Additionally the first pages we will be building are a few of the highest priority pages to build in the theme design, and after that the subsequent pages currently in the back log will be able to be designed from the work, at that time, previously done on the first completed pages.

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