Week 2

This previous week transitioned well to this week as we improved on our task management for upcoming development. Notably we added some changes to our tasks for improving the readability of our tasks, and added time estimations for our tasks. This week I was also tasked with asking the Shopify help forums about using the API, so far there has yet to be a response, and the technical questions sections seemed to have mostly answers to liquid theme type questions. To get some responses I could ask the question in a different way in a different section.

Additionally, this week our group swapped roles for the group sprint, the previous week I was a developer, and this week I swapped from developer to scrum master. Since there are only three roles and four of us will each get to be a developer twice in a full rotation, I expect I may be the product owner next, and regardless I appreciate the facilitation created from the roles so far. Therefore I expect to be the product owner and developer roles within the next two swaps for the sprints. This sprint as the scrum master I have been focused on our tasks, by making sure they are in order, and ready to go for our team moving forward. Now that we have approved our designs for this week we are now working on two different types of the main page to be decided on when completed. Since this is an important sprint for implementation I will make sure to provide support to the developers where needed, and hopefully everything goes well.

Other tasks such as the other pages of the theme have been put on a much lower priority, since the design for our first page is the most important, and this is because it will carry through the sites theme to the other pages dispute their unique differences.  

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