Sprinting as product owner

This week was a busy one as our team worked on creating the alpha prototype, and updated the design document for our ATF project. This was a lot to do and luckily the due date was extended to Wednesday just in the afternoon today the day they were due. This will be helpful for our team since at least one member is without power, and overall it will allow us to piece more things together for the final result. As the product owner for this I thought it may be good if I focused on designs by creating few of them so that we may get them approved for the design, and then code development. This may help the developers with progressing with the code since they can create the new sections once the designs are fully approved. These designs may additionally be helpful for the second task will be an update for the design document, and we will be using the previous document and building on it. The extension additionally will help give time for any additional changes to those new designs. Moving forward for the alpha code task we will need to submit video screencasting it while highlighting our changes. We in the coming weeks will also be building on our css code to get the styles of our design looking good. We are also looking for adaptive design features for our containers as we are finishing some base code for the pages. These next weeks our team will also be looking for all opportunities to make use of liquids features such as with sections or tags. The cart development is something that we will also be working on in the near future, with objects such as the order object that will need to be used appropriately for best coding practices.

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