Sprinting as a developer again

This week as a developer I focused on the collections page, css with that and the where to by section of the css, and the css product recommendation. This week I had a tough time making progress on the design in the elements I attempted, some of the elements I have yet to attempt include the where to buy section the where to buy section in the theme looks like a list of the locations titles, and the location where to buy from. This will be created starting with a clear div container with a big header such as h2. Whether it is before or in the div container it should be relatively the same. Next there needs to be a for loop listing the where to by objects. This area needs to have multiple items depending on how many locations the product is available so therefore there should be a for loop, or a component that is easily repeatable for the end user. Depending on how the section it is created Shopify may handle the user experience end, and regardless this is still on me to create. At the very least I can try to hard code this.

Secondly I was tasked with the major task of creating the product recommendation css for what I imagine would be somewhere with a div container and products in a list with images and some details. This should be just a slider with the products in it. This should look very similar to the featured products sections, and I should see if I could learn from that code to build it into a new recommended products sections, this section may also have some sort of special logic to create the “recommended” affect whether it is done with cookies or a sort type filter that sorts by related tags, or by best selling statistics.