6th report of the term: Sprinting as a developer

This week was busy, and after working this week on the upcoming due assignments throughout the week I later moved some Trello tasks that were brought up in our meeting earlier this week. The upcoming assignment such as the update design document needed some additions, and the Trello tasks changes helped correct our priorities as some tasks were moved from blocked to todo or product backlog. I also found from our group discussions that for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) styling the best for our project may be Sassy cascading style sheets (SCSS) and tailwind! I also took a look at the CSS file provided by ATF so that we may adapt it to our new theme. This will help me with the new sprint we started this week as I work as a developer role, to fill in some of the lack of style, and so our theme is finally good looking. Moving into next week I will need to complete the header, some CSS styling, and move on to work on the product pages. For the header specifically we need the search function, and some much needed styling. The individual product page implementation is also a big task that may be handled this week. The list page status needs to also be checked on for this week, after those previous items. Next we will definitely need to create dynamic style size, and any cart pages. To move forward with the tasks at a good pace it may be valuable to use the time now to make basic pages, where the page design, and styling is worked on later. Pages such as the cart pages will have us working with new types of objects that may influence our design later as we discuss the design later. For the most part the implementation should be smooth, with nice weather, and with incremental progress.

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