Week 8: Design review

This week we met at the start of the week, discussed our tasks, and what we will each focus on this week. This week I was tasked with communicating with whomever to resolve research details regarding the Shopify API usage. This week on our schedule also marks the ending phase of our research as we move further into the coding phase, which started a few weeks back in our plan. Additionally this week we started using our Trello board with color coding for types of tasks such as coding.

Additionally this week we had to respond to another group’s project design document, and other students had to respond to ours. The group we responded to had a related topic, focused on Hyperledger’s blockchain technology, and a mobile application for wines. Overall I agreed with their design plans for their mobile application structure, to use Flutter and Dart. I also asked if they would be interested in using firebase to make the connection between the mobile app and Hyperledger’s blockchain services.

In response the other group of students responded to our project design with many good questions. Some of their comments were responses to our previous comments, which made for a nice continued conversation, and for added insight. One new idea came in a comment that stood out to me, discussed the idea of having bidding on the site for food products. Other comments focused on the UI design aspects. From them I understood that it is important to consider the individual’s experience, for it to be simple, and for the platform to have customizability through the options.

Moving forward with the research I found from this week we will need to start building the code to accept the API key from the user so that he can present their products on Shopify. There are some examples that go into the process, explaining that the user must accept the access on their Shopify store end, and then we should have access to the product feed.

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