Week 9: Protype

This week we focused on our technology approach and the coding aspects of the project. We started with the theme and the API where other teammates focused this week on the theme, and I was tasked with focusing on the API code. To start I joined a Shopify developer slack group, to ask, and find if they have discussed API implementation much for some help. Nothing returned to be extremely helpful for the type of help I was looking to find for the API implementation. 

This week’s focus on code works well in addition with the document we are preparing for prototyping our project. This resulted in a good start for the technology prototype for the numbers, and parts of the system we decided to prototype. For the report we will need to create a document, and video to demonstrate the prototype. For this we decided to work together on the All The Farms Shopify store theme for this report. This will directly require a number of Liquid files to work within the Shopify system. To work on this project as a team we have decided to use GitHub for our code sharing and version control. Modules needed for this initial prototype would be the home page or product listing modules of the liquid set of files. The complete set is needed for it to be approved by Shopify however we have decided to segment our focus on the most key segments first. For this complete set of files there are templates provided by Shopify, approved by Shopify, and others available to learn from. Fortunately Shopify has provided some good documentation for those looking to learn how advanced theme development techniques. Next week we will further work with the theme files and create the desired features within the liquid template.

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